Valentines Day

[TV HITS - February 1999 - AUS ISSUE]

TV HITS got Rich, Scott, Sean, J and Abs to dish the dirt on each other in this Valentine's day test. Read on to suss out which of these lover-boys oughta be your valentine...

Could you get hitched to Rich?
Does Rich always call a girl when he says he will?
As soon as he gets her phone number he goes to a payphone!
Would he date a fan?
If there's someone in the audience Rich likes, he'll give her the eye a few times, point at her and stuff - he'll let her see those dazzling blue eyes.
J: Those little blue pool of neon!
Does he reckon he's a smooth talker with the ladies?
Yeah he does! He thinks he's really smooth. He's all ssssscccchomm! (makes slimy noise!)
Rich: If I'm on form I can do it - but it's not often I'm on form!
What's he like in love?
He's away with the fairies!
Who will Rich send flowers to this Valentine day?
Cameron Diaz.
Rich: No, Michelle Pfeiffer!

Does Scott make your blood run hot?
If one of your girlfriends made a pass at him, would he go for it?
Rich and Sean:
No way!
J: (to Scott) No, but if you were at a party and a bit tipsy then I reckon you'd go for it!
Scott: No, your lying!
Has he ever given a fake number to a girl?
(laughing) Noooooooooo! He gives his mobile out to everyone!
Has he ever been caught doing something naughty with a fan?
Like a really big tongue sarnie or something? Nah - not yet, anyway!
Does he gossip about his love life?
Yeah, you say a few things to your mates, but you don't go into detail - that's not on.
Who will Scott send flowers to this Valentine Day?
Alica Silverstone!

Were you born to be with Sean?
Does he get shy around girl?
Yeah! I got him yesterday about this photographer, saying how much he loved her and how he was like "Come on lads, don't embarrass me!
Sean: I wasn't like that bad - I took it like a man!
Has he ever liked the same girl as you?
Yeah - every day!
J: Usually me and Sean fall in love with exactly the same people.
If he had a girlfriend, would he keep her secret from fans?
No, he wouldn't do that.
Who will Sean send flowers to this Valentine Day?
Same as me! Whoever he's been with that day. Me and Sean are in love at least once a day!
Scott: More like four times a day!

Can J make your day?
Who would J love most? His girlfriend or his fans?
If he had a girlfriend it'd be his girlfriend. He's the same as me - he lacks confidence in himself.
Would he ever sing a smoochy song to his girlfriend?
No way, I can't see it.
Scott: I reckon he'd probably rap to her!
Rich: It'd be "damn, I love you, Yo!"
Does he go for older women?
Yes. Just plain yes!
Which part of a girl does he look at first?
Probably her mouth, her lips.
Sean: He looks at the whole package.
Who will J send flowers to this Valentine's Day?
It depends which girl he met that day

Can Abs make your day fab?
Does the Abs miss his girlfriend when he's away?
Not so much verbally, just know!
Scott: He goes really quiet.
Would he ever be unfaithful?
No. Absolutetly not!
Does he come to you for advice on woman?
No - he thinks he knows it all!
Does he remember his girl's birthday?
He has week anniversaries, day anniversaries, hour anniversaries...
Rich: He wouldn't be flash to everyone else, but he'd buy her loads...but he'd do it really quietly.
Who will Abs send flowers to this Valentine's Day?
Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.