The Ultimate Lad Test with 5ive

1. More than three days= 5 lad points. Three days or fewer= 0 lad points
2. Yes = 5 lad points. No= 0 lad points
3. Less frequently than every two days = five lad points. Every two days or more frequently = 0 lad points
4. The footie match = 5 lad points. The date = 0 lad points
5. Yes = 5 lad points. No = 0 lad points
6. Less than three correct answers = 5 lad points. Three or more correct answers = 0 lad points (Correct answers : flour, eggs, butter, sugar, baking powder, cream and jam) 7. More than five = 5 lad points. Five or fewer = 0 lad points
8. Liam or Shris = 5 lad points. Peter Andre or Gary = 0 lad points

~THE VERDICT!!!!!!!~
So how did the 5ive lads and your boy fare?
ABS: 5 lad points
SCOTT: 5 lad points
J: 15 lad points
RICH: 20 lad points
SEAN = 30 lad points

0-10 Awww! Far from being a fisticuffin', curry-scroffin' lad, he really is a bit of a softie at heart. He loves hanging out with his mates but loves you just as much and will always check his behaviour when you're around - fab, so long as he doesn't go too soppy on you!

15-25 An average lad, he's destined to act up sometimes (as they do), but is unlikely to shame you or so anything too serious. Yes, he will bug or embarass you occasionally, but deep down he really does care and he isn't too saddy laddy to tell you!

30-40 Eek! You'd best watch this one! Let him out of your sight for too long and gawd know what he'll be up to. A real cheeky one, he loves impressing his mates and if that means breaking a few hearts and a few rules, so be it. Oh dear!