The Real Truth About Five

"We want to know everything!" L&K demanded when we caught up with Five. "What like, who runs around the house starkers, lived in a haunted house and who blew £2000?" they replied. Yep, that kinda thing.

If you could be a woman for a day who would you be?

Well I wouldn't want to be a famous woman. I'd like to be a girl I fancy, so I could ask myself if I fancied Scott from Five or not.
Do you have any lucky charms?
Well I have to say my mum and dad are my lucky charms. Oh, and my bracelet - I never take it off unless I'm up to ruderies - it gets in the way! [Ooooh errr!]
What's the most untrue story you've heard about yourself?
That I've got a girlfriend - I wish I did but I most certainly haven't! Loads of magazines say that I have - so L&K can set the record straight!
Have you ever been in hospital?
Yes, loads of times! I've had my appendix out, broke my fingers in a fight and another time I fell off a balcony and broke my thumb.
What was the last thing you took back to a shop?
Well, you know how I'm into my hair products. I took some hair gel back. I didn't have a receipt but they didn't mind - I just had to sign an autograph for 'em.
What does your mum cook you for a treat?
Mash and mince - my mum's special recipe. Yum!

Have you ever had a facial?

Yeah, my sister gave me one. I had cleansers and tonics and all sorts massaged onto my face - it was lovely! It shouldn't just be women who are pampered you know.
Ever been locked in a toilet?
Yeah, in a nightclub. I just shouted until eventually a bloke came and kicked the door down.
Do you have a clean driving licence?
Yes [Beaming proud!] I do! I think I'm one of the best drivers around.
Have you ever seen a ghost?
I know you'll think it's far fetched, but my grandparents lived in an old house with a plaque on the wall saying an old highwayman rested here. Sometimes when my sister and I were upstairs we could hear loads of noises like there was a massive party going on downstairs! Then you'd go down and it would be deadly quiet! [Spooky!]
What's the most disgusting food you've eaten?
Caviar! It's for silly posh people with more dosh than sense. Who'd pay £500 for a few salty eggs?

What would you be called if you weren't Sean?

I'd like to be called Germaine - that's what my dad wanted to call me but me mum got her own way.
What was your favorite childhood toy?
My bikes have always been my favourites - I started off with a little police bike with a light on it. I used to pretend I was a bus driver for some strange reason.
When did you last go to church?
Oh dear, erm, I'm a Catholic, but I don't go very often. I've been there on my own a few times but I was too embarrassed to sing.
What's the strangest gift you've ever had from a fan?
[Looking disappointed!] I don't get sent many strange presents. I get a few teddies and I have quite a few knickers thrown at me onstage sometimes!
Where would you rather be?
At home chillin' in Leeds with me mates or tucked away writing some choons!
What's the most stupid and outrageous thing you've ever done?
Ha ha ha, oh there's loads! Recently I jumped off a bridge into a river in Sweden with J. It was flippin' freezing!

When did you first sing?

Ha ha ha. I was in primary school and we did an Easter play. The whole class dressed up as chickens. My mum's got a photograph of me dressed up!
What's your weaknesses?
Girls are my weakness. When I meet someone I like I fall headfirst - I just think about them non-stop.
What's your best toast topping?
Baked beans, but you have to put a bit of butter in the pan and they go all creamy and then you put brown sauce on the top. Lovely!
Have you ever had a pet?
No, but I always wanted a dog. All I was allowed to have was a goldfish. [Rest of Five suddenly stop what they're doing…]
J: Aaw - have you heard this, Rich never got a dog.
Rich: My mate had a dog though and his mum said 'Scamper can be half yours'. [Bless!]
Do you cleanse, tone and moisture?
No, 'fraid not! I did buy an exfoliating cleansing gel but that's my lot - I'm a soap and water guy.
Which famous pop person do you fancy?
Ooh, erm, that's a tricky one. Natalie Imbruglia's a bit of alright.

What item of clothing do you put on first in the morning?

I usually run around with nothing on or just a blanket wrapped around me. My feet are cold on a morning though so I put my socks on first.
Do you do the lottery?
I used to but I haven't done it for ages. I've got my set numbers though and the thing is I still need to do the Lottery - I'm not rich enough to stop wanting to win.
Do you trump in public?
I don't even burp in public! I'm very well behaved in the wind department.
How much money do you spend in a week?
Hmmm, that depends on what mood I'm in. There's been times when I've got through about £2000!
What's the most outrageous fancy dress you've ever worn?
Erm, I once wore a short furry little dress thing. I don't know why!
What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head?
I had trouble with one of the All Saints songs… what was it now? Under The Bridge - that's the one! I just couldn't get the tune out of my head. It's that guitar rift that hooks me!