The Power Of 5IVE

Five's a somewhat mystical kind of number, isn't it? It's the amount of fingers on one hand, the number of the newest TV channel and the name of Planet Pop's newborns! We thought we'd quiz Five further about this odd 'digit'...

If you only had a fiver left what would you spend it on?
(batting his eyelids) If I was with a lady, whatever she wanted
Rich: (less romantically) Cadbury's boiled sweets. A whole bag of them. It'd depend on what I was doing, but I'd probably hire a video as well, so I could chill out and pass the time
Scott: A couple of beers
Sean: A can of lager. (makes a more healthy decision) No, an R 'n' B single.
Abs: I'd buy a snack, man. Crisps, chocolate!

What were you like when you were five years old?
(chuckling) I was a little git. I used to tip spaghetti over my head when I didn't want to eat it. Then I'd smash the bowl! My mum used to lock me in my bedroom so I'd rip out all my drawers, smash them and scrawl all over the walls with felt tip pens!
Rich: My brother's nine years older than me and his mates used to find it funny to make me swear and do really stupid things...
J: Hur hur hur!
Rich: So I used to walk around telling people to, erm, get lost.
Scott: When I was five, my mum used to make costumes and stuff. She was really arty so she used to dress me up as a member of The A-Team!
Sean:We used to play at being the A-Team when I was a little lad and I always wanted to be a different character. But because I was the only black person in our gang they'd always go 'No, you're BA'!
Rich: See that scar on my lip? I did that trying to be superman!
J: I used to play with my mate Glen - he always used to be Batman and I was Robin. You know how you always want sympathy as a nipper? We used to roll around fighting The Joker, and I always got injured. I'd dive on the floor shouting 'Help Me!' and he'd always come and rescue me.
Rich: (remembering his own childhood) You'd always talk in an American accent in those sort of games wouldn't you?! You'd be like 'Hold on man! I'm comin' man!'

Do you ever give high fives and fancy handshakes?
No, it's a bit corny innit? We do shake hands but there's no like (in cheesy American accent) 'Yeah, put it there man! Gimme five!'
Scott: We just give a little handshake and a pat on the back. Keep it low know what I mean?

Could you lend us a fiver?
Yeah, if you want. Scott?
Scott: (alarmed) Why me?
J: Cos you've got your wallet out. I didn't bring mine with me cos it's too heavy to carry!

If you had five minutes to live how would you spend it?
(all sincere) Totally seriously, I'd spend it making love with a nice lady.
Sean: I'd make love whilst drinking a bottle of booze! (everyone laughs)
Scott: I'd spend about a minute with my mum and da, then I'd just have a quickie before I died!
J: Yeah, I'd ring my mum and dad but it'd be to say, 'You should see the young lady I'm with!'
Rich: I'd spend it with someone I'm really close to - my brother or my mum.
Abs: I'd play with my PlayStation or something.

When was the last time you gave someone a bunch of fives?
I cracked someone last Saturday night, but only a little one, like, 'Any more gob and you'll get it!'
Rich: We give each other little warning jabs at least 50 times every day!
J: (getting all macho) The last time I gave someone a proper bunch of fives was outside Mr Smith's nightclub in Warrington. And may I add, he was unconscious on the floor.

Do you always give a lady the five star treatment?
Oh, definitely.
J: I give a lady the five hundred star treatment. And if there's anybody out there doubting it just send 'em to me. They won't be disappointed I can assure you.
Sean: I think ladies are the most beautiful things on earth. I want to make them happy 24 hours a day...
Rich: They're the most wonderful thing, but they can be the most frustrating at times...
Sean: No, they dont frustrate me. Anyone who wants me, come on!