The 5IVE File

[Smash Hits - April '99 AUS ISSUE]

What a year it's been for 5ive... Last year, you won Smash Hits' Best New Tour Act. Did you think you'd achieve so much so quickly?
Smash Hits was the first thing we did and thie first mag to put us on the cover. To get four awards, after one year, is incredible.
Rich: My mum always said, "Think big and you'll be big." We came into this group with the intention of succeeding, and succeeding big!

When you're old and grey, how will you look back on 1998?
The year we worked hard and it paid off.
Scott: Hectic - I've been on a mad one!
Sean:One of the biggest things that's happened.
J: Hectic but cool.
Abs: The year we really got to know each other.

Have you changed?
Scott: I was in my kitchen eating coco pops at midnight last night. I looked at all my silver and gold discs. I saw a photo of me at school and a pic of me in 5ive. Everything has changed. I don't think I've changed as a person, but my life is completely different.

How does it feel wining heaps of awards?
It's a feeling of elation. You just try not to cry.
Abs: It's a buzz, man. You wanna stay there for ages and think every fan individually.
Scott: I'm glad I got the Best Male Haircut award. When girls like 5ive, they'll vote 5ive for everything. It's like best Film? 5ive! When you start winning the silly awards, you know people like what you're doing.
J: It sounds like and old cliche but I'd like to thank every single fan, cos they're the only reason we win any awards.

Do you think you're role models for the newer bands?
Us? Hahaha! I s'pose they might think we are but there's always something bigger to aim for.

Does your success show that boy power is back?
Sean: Pop bands shouldn't go around preaching girl power or boy power. we're making pop music - we're not politicians.
Abs: there's room for everyone. At the end of the day, it's just pop music and you've got to enjoy yourself.

Will 1999 be as good as last year?
It can only get better! This is our year! We said it about 1998 and it worked, so we're just gonna keep saying it!