The Dream Team!

[Smash Hits - AUS April 2000 Issue]

The mission to discover which member of five is really the king of 'em all! How. By going head to head in our computer game challenge! The winner, the top five-ster will walk away with a brand new Dreamcast computer console!

Round One - Shoot 'Em Up!
Battle commences in outer space. It's a five way shoot-em-up between Five and an alien space ship with the computer keeping score. There's five minutes of total concentration from the guys as they try to beat each other and the computer. The final score puts hot-shot Abs way out in front with Rich trailing in last. "I'm gutted," says Rich. "I don't mind not coming first, but coming last…" He's not kidding - throughout the day Rich is fiercely competitive. This boy hates to lose…

J - 8
Sean -4
Rich -2
Abs -10
Scott -6

Round Two - Bowling
"The jacket's coming off now, this is serious," shouts J. Even Sean tucks his pants into his socks in case they get in the way of beating the other lads at bowling! Competition is far more important than fashion. "I'm good at this," boasts a hyper Scott, when he's not bombarding us with questions: "What's next?…" "Who's in the lead?…" "How am I doing?…" Enthusiasm doesn't help however and Scott loses to Rich who shows off his skill with a bowling ball. "C'mon!" he shouts, each time the pins fall. But right at the end, J storms in and wins! He's so happy! "All I can say is make way for the winners, clear out all the losers - J is coming!"

Scores - after round 2
J - 18
Sean - 8
Rich -10
Abs -12
Scott -12

Round Three - Boxing
Big J is a firm fave for this round which tests punching power on a machine! But he just sits calmly on the floor "doing yoga!" while he waits for his turn. Meanwhile, the surprise contender is Rich who whacks his way into a strong lead. "There's a lot you don't know about me," boasts Rich when he sees how surprised we are. "You've got some pent-up aggression, Rich," teases J. Sean isn't doing too well. A little distracted, and with a tendency to be hard on himself, he mumbles to J: " I knew I'd be crap at that!" When Smash Hits suggests he might have a little more luck in the next round, Sean shrugs, "Nah, I'll lose that as well. If we were playing football and rugby I'd win! I need to get on the pitch." Finally J gets up and - surprise - knocks Rich into second place. Relaxed and confident all afternoon. J is in his element. "I didn't think I'd win that," he shrugs, before telling us he can already smell victory.

J - 28
Sean - 10
Rich -18
Abs - 18
Scott - 16

Round Four - Racing!
The final chance for points is a cartoon horse race. Sean is the only one who realizes that it's all down to technique on these rides and not speed. He's soon leading the field while Abs and J nearly break their machines by jumping up and down on them! Scott and Rich tire themselves out by shouting abuse and at others and pretty soon, everyone's tired out, leaving Sean the clear winner of this round! "That's harder than performing," gasps Abs while J can only mutter, "Oh my God!" Lucky old Sean can't believe his luck, but his win is still not enough to put him in the lead, but he doesn't mind…" I'm happy with my little win," he says.

Final Score
J - 30
Sean - 20
Rich - 22
Abs - 26
Scott - 22

The Playoff!
Abs and J are in the lead, so to decide the final winner we put them head-to-head in a game of air-hockey! Abs (who has been happy and confident all day) thinks he's got a good chance but Sean thinks J will win. "I live with J, so it would be handy if he won, then I could play on the Dreamcast," he laughs. J gets more and more angry as he plays but soon, good old Abs is the clear victor and wins 5-2, but instead of dancing around the room he starts apologizing to anyone who will listen. "I feel really bad about this," he mumbles to Rich who walks away. Five minutes later, the rest of the band are calling him all sorts of names - just because he won the comp! "The boys hate me," he shouts. "I don't know what to do." Poor Abs - still at least he's got a new computer to take home with him! Let's just hope the other guys don't mug him and steal it from him. Watch out fella!