That's SnowBiz!
Christmas madness is spreading through the TV HITS office, so we grilled our pals in 5IVE to see if they're filled with the Christmas spirit too! Find out if these boys are Cool Santas or Fool Santas.

It's Christmas Eve, you're out of cash and you've still got pressies to buy. You find a wallet on the street and it's stuffed with big bills. What do you do?
Sean: I'd take the money and get me mum a present!
J: Is there any way you could find out whose wallet it was first, 'cause if they were loaded, I'd keep it! (laughs)
Sean: Actually, I think I've changed my mind! I think I'd hand it in - it's probably for someone's Christmas presents, isn't it?
VERDICT: Fool Santa. Mmm..a bit dodgy, guys, but Sean gets the FIVE sled over the line!

Your best mate splits up with his girlfriend on Christmas Eve. You've got a wicked party to go to, but feel guilty leaving him alone. Do you hang out with him to cheer him up?
J: I'd definitely stay in with my mate.
Rich: I've done it before with my brother and it was one of the best nights I've ever had!
Sean: Can't you make him go to the party with you? No? In that case, I'd spend the night with him, no question about it. Although I'd try and make him come out first!
VERDICT: Cool Santa. When it comes to their mates, the boys are more Santa than Santa! Where are the reindeers, guys?

You're at a neighbourhood Christmas party with all your family and friends - and 'cause you're in a band they insist you get up and sing! Do you do it, or do you say no?
Rich: I'd love to get everyone up and singing and having a laugh!
Sean: J: I'd be up there with my trolleys [English slang for men's undies!] 'round me ankles, someone's bra 'round me head, jumping about, singing and dancing! [laughs]
Scott: [cracking up] Yeah, it'd be a right laugh!
VERDICT: Cool Santa. Is there ever a time when they won't sing?

Your parents go away just after Christmas and leave you alone in the house. Do you invite everybody around and throw a huge party?
Rich: Yup, there have definitely been parties in the past!
Sean: Yeah, I'd invite about ten people, but if anyone started getting gobby [No, he's not talking about spitting! It's slang for going a bit crazy!] then that's it! They'd be out!
J: If my parents asked me if I'd had a party when they came back, I'd tell them straight up! I wouldn't do anything mad, anyway!
VERDICT: Cool Santa. We reckon Santa loves a good party as much as anyone, so he'd probably drop in for a boogie!

Your gran gives you another daggy shirt on Chrissie morning and demands you wear it out to lunch with your mates! Do you wear it?
Rich: Tell her, "No chance!"
J: I'd put another top on underneath it and as soon as I was 'round the corner, take it off!
Sean: Yeah, I'd wear it as well. I'm not bothered - it'd make her happy! No probs - you know what I mean?
VERDICT: Fool Santa. Rich nearly tipped the sled upside down with his comments, but you can't blame him, can you? Would you wear it?

Your new girlfriend cooks you a special Chrissie dinner but it tastes so awful you can barely swallow it! What do you do?
Sean: I'd eat it, because it'd be embarrassing for me and really embarrassing for her!
Abs: I'd tell her it's nasty!
J: I eat anything anyway, so I'd probably enjoy it! [laugh]
Scott: I'd definitely try my best to eat it! [Sure Scott! We know you'll stuff it in your pockets when she's not looking!]
VERDICT: Fool Santa. C'mon, Abs! Get yourself together lad! You're lucky she even cooked for you in the first place!

You're at a Christmas party and you and another 5IVEster are chasing the same girl. She asks you about him - what do you say to her?
Rich: You don't put him down, you say he's really cool or whatever. If she likes him anyway, there's no point, is there?
J: I'd say he's really cool, but then I'd also tell her that I was into her as well and give her the choice.
Rich: But if she's into him.
J: But she might like you even more, and it might be an excuse to talk to you, or she might not think she's got a chance.
Sean: I'd say, "You could have had me!"
Abs: I'd answer her questions about him and leave it at that. I wouldn't let her know I liked her.
Scott: Even if I thought she might like me, I wouldn't dare say anything in case she didn't and I'd feel stupid.
Cool Santa. If you want your very own 5IVE lad in your Christmas stocking this year, here's a hint: don't bother asking their mates if they like you, 'cause they won't be tellin'!

Rich, Scott, Abs, Sean and J may not be angels, but who cares? We love their cheeky charm and reckon they'd make awesome Santas! These are five guys who do definitely know what the spirit of Christmas is all about! Merry Christmas, lads!