Stateside With 5ive

When 5IVE performed their first ever live gig in America, Teen Hit was there! The event was the Nickelodeon Big Help-A-Thon, a charity concert packed with loads of top stars, including the 5iveters. Teen Hit cornered the guys backstage for a chat!

You've taken Europe and Australia by storm, what do you hope for here in America?
Basically the same thing that we've got overseas! We came over America to try to break in over here. So here we are. Alright!
J: It's like starting over again if you know what I mean. So we are going to put 100% in again and give it all we can.

What is the difference between America and England?
Well the girls are all American over here and English over there! (laughs)

Do you perform at a lot of charity events, rather than writing out a cheque?
Yeah, that's what we do. If you just write a cheque out you feel like you're just doing that, but with this we feel like we are doing a bit more. People get to come along and see what we do, as well as the money going to charity.

How does the rock scene over in England compare to America?
There is a really big, big rock scene in England. I mean it's really about mainstream music, pop music which is what we are doing.

Which bands are your favourite bands?
All of us are into a wide variety of different music. I'm into garage, house, kind of jungle music. Sean's into R&B and soul. J likes rap.

You're just starting out in the States, but what's it like seeing yourselves on magazine covers in England and Australia?
Well Ritchie's first response is 'I hate that junk!' We like to look at the magazines though-like, one will go,'You look really good!' and one will say, ' No we look very tired because we've been working hard.' But when we first came out we had a tiny little spot in magazines, but now when you open a magazine it's like a four-page spread so it's really, really nice.
Abs: We always have a good laugh at each other's pictures.

Other than taking part in events like this, what's a normal Saturday morning like for you guys?
In this business there is no typical day. One Saturday we might be in New York, might be Japan, might be in London filming a new video for a new track. We would love a day off!

What do you do on that day off?
Rich: Or play our PlayStation!

How do you feel about being role models and how does that impact your life?
It's really weird. We're still rockers, but we are still typically normal people. We aren't even in the pop star world, we are just normal people sort of treating us a bit differently like smiling and things, it's very flattering.