Smash Hits Interview

Has anyone stolen your rubbish yet?
Oh yeah!
Rich: Well, I think someone has.We're under the impression that it's either a fox, magpie or a fan!
Scott: That's the only way we can clean out the Pervia [one of those van-type things the band travel in]. We just open it and let all the fans in!
J: [Suddenly shouting] We used to have a Chrysler, and at one point there was just pure rubbish in the back!
Rich: We were collecting it all to chuck away when these fans went, "What are you doing with that?!" We said "We're chucking it away," and they went,"No, we'll have it!" so they took it!
J: One girl had armfuls of Ribena cartons, crisp packets... you name it.We were really embarrassed. We were going,"It's rubbish!" and this girl went,"But its your rubbish!"

What do you think she'll do with your rubbish?
I really, really don't want to know what she does with all those Bud bottles!
Rich: She puts the rubbish on her mantelpiece.
J: No, she'll put it round her bedroom.
Sean: Funny old lark , this pop business...
Rich: Yeah, it is.

Have you ever been photographed by the paparazzi?
Yeah...[He utters a rude word]
Scott: Once, we all had to walk through Birmingham with our hands over our faces coz they were photographing us.We didn't want them to use the pictures coz we knew we wouldn't make any money out of them.We just made it look like we all had an itch. But they take pictures everywhere we go - it happened recently, when Got The Feelin' got to number three. You've just gotta accept it, haven't you?
Rich: Yeah [getting a bit steamed-up] Also, it was in The Star the other day that I'm going out with Lisa from Steps. That story it totally,100 per cent fabricated and untrue!
Scott: It annoyed us slightly, because...
J: [On a roll] Because it isn't fair to our fans. We said that we'd tell them if we had girlfriends, which we would, so now people are saying "Rich has got a girlfriend - why didn't anyone say anything?" It's like "Coz he hasn't!"
Abs: [Suddenly rousing from his slumber!] Ok, I admit it - I'm gay!
5ive: Hahahahaha!

Have any of your ex girlfriends ever kissed and told?
[Shouting] No, and if they ever did, they'd get a slap!
Rich: They'd get tracked down.
J: [Humorously] A few of them have kissed a toad i.e. me but they've never kissed and told.[He jokes rudely on this theme while the other 5ivers fall about!]

Do you have to queue for clubs?
It depends, really. Sometimes, if they recognize you , you just walk straight in. Like the other day at Planet Hollywood there was a big queue outside and they went, "Alright Scott..." and sent us straight into the VIP area. Top service and everything.

When were you last mobbed in the street?
[Shocked by the question] I thought you said "Knobbed in the street"!
Rich: I thought you said "robbed in the street!"
J: [Returning to the question] It would have been in Holland. There, we're almost BSB status. It's really weird how it's gone there. What's being mobbed like? They pull your clothes, have a bit of a tug at jewellery and stuff.
Rich:By the way, when J said BSB's, he actually meant Take That. [A strange and rather awkward silence follows] He did, anyway.
J, do you ever worry about your eye ring being torn out?
Yeah, I do actually, but I always forget it's there. I always say to the others: "One day, it's gonna be pulled out," I just hope people are nice enough not to want to rip it outta my face

Do you ever get people asking who you are?
It's usually older people. But even they know who we are now, coz of Neighbours from Hell and everything.
Sean: Properly elderly geezers and women.
Rich: I'm always like the Dad everyone says "Look, we seriously are proper famous" and I'm like ,"No, we're not". Then I went out to this pub with my Mum and everyone was looking at me, pointing and coming up and saying,"You're the bloke from Five, aren't you?!" I was going,"Yeah, yeah.". That was mad! Do I like it? Yeah, it's cool, but...[after a pause] when you're really tired and you don't wanna speak to anyone and they're like, "You're that bloke in 5ive," you're like, [faintly] "yeah..."