School's Out

[TV HITS - March '99 AUS ISSUE]

You may be back at school, but for the mad guys in 5IVE, school is definitely OUT! At least it was, until TV HITS dragged the boys back to the classroom for a trip down memory lane…

What were your school uniforms like?
My school was quite posh, I suppose. We had to wear a blue blazer, white shirt and maroon tie. Then in sixth form we had to look smart, so I had about four proper designer suits and waistcoats. I guess I went a bit over the top!
J: Mine was pretty standard - black trousers, white or blue shirt and a navy jumper with the school badge sewn on it.
Sean: Just the usual, black and white. The tie was purple, but I ate it! I chew any material, plastic or paper, and sometimes I swallow it by mistake! Good job I've got short sleeves today! (laughs)
Abs: Black trouser, brown shirt, black and red striped tie, black blazer. It wasn't that bad.

Did you have a high-school sweetheart?
I was in a relationship for 4 years all the way through school, from when I was 14 to 18. She was in the year below me and it's the only time I've been out with someone younger than me!
Sean: I had one or two. In the first year I had a girlfriend who was older. In the second year I had another girlfriend who was in the year above me. In the third year I went out with a girl from another school. And in the fourth and fifth years I went out with girls in the same year as me!
Scott: On and off - but nothing serious, really.
Abs: Nah, I wasn't really interested. I just wanted to play kingball. Have you ever played it? It's a bit like tennis except you hit the ball with your hands. I thought that was much more interesting than girls!

What were your favourite subjects?
Drama - I used to love being in plays.
Sean: Music. I wasn't allowed to do my style of music - you had to compose classical music. It was pretty good, but I'd rather have done soul music because I've always been into that.
Scott: I wasn't any good at any of the normal subjects. I was alright at art I suppose, but most of the time I didn't try very hard.
Abs: Art because the teacher was so cool. He was this big fat geezer who let you listen to your Walkman in the lessons!

And your least favorite?
Well, I wasn't any good at French. I was in the worst class, but we had such a laugh! The teacher was nice, but so naive! Me and my mates asked to have a picture taken with him once, and we're standing either side of him doing all these signs behind his back. It was a terrible picture - I've got this awful hairstyle and I know it'll surface one day!
Scott: I used to hate Maths. Once, my Maths class convinced our teacher we had a free period when it was supposed to be this double Maths lesson, and he ended up down the park playing football with us for two hours!
Abs: I hated geography. I thought I was really good at it, but I kept getting really bad marks!

Did you ever cheat in tests?
Oh yeah! If you were doing a test in class, you'd always sneak a look at the person next to you - everyone does that, don't they?

Did you take cooking lessons?
I was meant to, but I always ended up washing the pans because I'd forget my apron and that! I remember making ginger biscuits in the first year, though.

Did you take packed lunches?
No. They really went to town in our canteen - it was always really good. They introduced curry! Me and my mates would eat curry every day. Then it started messing our stomachs up, so we had to lay off!

Were you ever suspended?
No, but I got letters and stuff. At the school I went to no-one really got suspended, you just got expelled if you were really, really bad. I got a couple of letters saying if I didn't buck up my ideas I'd be out. So I started behaving myself.
Abs: Nothing like that, no. I was scared in a way 'cause I didn't want to show my mum up.
I was internally suspended. You weren't allowed any free time - you had to do chores! The worst I ever did was clean out a pond that hadn't been cleaned in twenty years! There were so many weeds we had to saw them off!
J: Twice in the last year. The first time was really unfair - I was totally picked on by this teacher who'd always had it in for me. The second time, my mates were messing with my hair so I ran into the girls' toilets to get away from them. Someone grassed on me to the headmaster and he came in and caught me and I got suspended!
Sean: Yeah, I got suspended a few times. What for? Oh, fighting, the usual lad things!

Did you ever have school discos?
When we were younger we did and there was one in the sixth form that was brilliant. They made it into a proper club with reflective things on the walls and podiums!
J: Yeah, but I stopped going to them in third year 'cause I started being able to get into proper clubs!

Did you used to cover your books?
Well, funnily enough, I was a bit of a Pearl Jam fanatic, so I covered my books with pictures of them! Then there was all the "I Love Emma Wilson" scribbling type stuff! (Awww…shucks!)
Abs: I used to write stupid stuff on them and a bit of graffiti writing. I always used to get told off for scribbling on them - and made to pay 30 cents for a new exercise book!

What did your school reports say?
I was always told I could do better, even though I was quite a good pupil!
J: I used to feel physically sick when it was parents' evening. The odd time I came back with a good report it really made me want to work harder. They'd always write "Could do better. Would be top of the class if he gave his mouth a break and stopped trying to entertain people" I always knew that my grades weren't going to be any use to me, 'cause I knew I was going to get into music.
Sean: They used to say, "He's got the potential to get really good marks but he's lazy. He's not confident and he gives up too easily."
Scott: Pretty bad. I didn't go out of my way to cause trouble - I just got into trouble! I'm quite a cheeky person - that's just me - but some of the teachers didn't like it. I was always on special report or special special report, and I used to hide them from my mum, I used to tell her I was doing sport when I had detention!
Abs: Mine weren't that bad 'cause I always used to pull it off at the last minute! Somehow I managed to get away with it, so I never got into trouble with my mum.

Did you have a crush on any of your teachers?
No way! My form teacher was nice, but I didn't fancy her. I used to turn up after lunch an hour late, and when she asked me where I'd been, I'd say I was watching Home an Away, and she'd burst out laughing!
Rich: Yeah! I liked my art teacher, Mrs Hat. Every boy fancied her!
J: Everyone had a crush on our English teacher. Once she said, "Actually I had a very nice dream about you last night," and I was like, "So what was it about?" and she said, "you're a bit too young - come back in a couple of years and I'll tell you!" Man, everyone was so jealous!
Abs: I remember them all being really ugly!

What do your teachers think about you being pop start now?
All my teachers are really pleased for me. It's nice.
J: I haven't heard, but I bet they're all like, "Oh, we always knew he'd make it!"
Abs: I hope Miss Kerrigan knows (if she didn't, she does now!), 'cause she always thought I was a loser.