When it comes to tears and teddies, those 5ive fellas sure know their stuff. Read on to find out how ruff and tuff those Brit babes really are.......


Scott: I've never started a fight and I dont like punching people. If I get wound up I punch a wall, which is bit silly, but at least I dont hurt anybody. You know when J's gonna fight when he takes out his eyebrow ring out!
Rich: We all watched a boxing match last night and and we all started play-fighting, but I've not really hit any of the others in the band and meant it.
J: We're always fighting. We take it out on each otherif we've been cramped out in the van or doing interviews all day. We all launch into each other for five minutes and then it's all over.
Abs: Do you mean really hurt someone? I dont fight. I'm not a fighting person. The alst time I punched someone was probably at school.
Sean: I punch someone everyday! We're always hitting each other and messing about. The other day me and J were having a play fight and I hit him by accident on the lip! He got a fat lip, but it's alright now!

Hard as nails?

Scott: I'd sleep on a bed of nails for a girl!
Rich: Would I sleep on a bed of nails? What's the point? Haha!
J: If someone told me sleeping on a bed of nails wasn't gonna harm me, then I'd do it. If somethings dangerous then I get a kick out of it. So if someone said it wasn't going to rip through my back and it was going to be fine, then I'd have a go!
Abs: Sleep on a bed of nails for a dare? Oh, okay then-NOT! I dont know about a bed of nails but I would do something extreme like skydiving.
Sean: I wouldn't sleep on a bed of nails! No, I'm not doing that!


Scott: I cried at Titanic. At I cried at Ghosts. And I once cried at Home and Away, whoa! Remember when Blake was dating that girl called Meg and she died in the sunset when she had leukaemia.
Rich: I cried at Titanic. You know the bit when Leo tells Kate she's the most amazing woman he's ever known and they run to the end of the boat. Well, it made me weepy!
J: I dont cry very easily. If I was really stressed out and not getting enough sleep then I might cry. It doesn't embarrass me but I'd have to be stressed.
Abs: I cried in Titanic the bit I like best was when the band was playing and they knew they were all going to die, so they came back to play another song-that bit got me!
Sean: I dont cry at movies. Sometimes I feel it but movies dont send me to that level at all.


Scott: I always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced, but now J's got it done everyone will think I've had it done just because of the band. I like girls with their belly buttons pierced. I tink thats really nice.
Rich: No, never. I dont even have my ears pieced cos I just dont fancy it. I like women in earrings and some blokes look good, but it's not my trip.
J: I've had my eyebrows pierced for about six years but I wouldn't get anything else done. When I first got that done I wanted to get a small piercing judt under my lip, but I decided not to.
Abs: I have my ear pierced. I forget I have it piercedd sometimes. YOu look at yourself and is just part of you. But I wont get any more.
Sean: I've got no piercings. I dont wear any jewellery. I dont have a watch either, or necklace.


Scott: I'm not into massive tatoos, but I'd get a little one - on my bum maybe!
Rich: I've been into tattoo parlours and looked at the designs, but I've not made up my mind about getting one, it would probably be on my arm.
J: I've got one! I only had it done about three months ago so it's nice and fresh. I'll probably get one more and then I think I'll stop there. I chose a design in the tattoo parlour and just changed it slightly to make it different. It sort of looks like a man, but it doesn't mean anything.
Abs: I'd like a tattoo, but I dont want my mum to know. I had this fake one once, my mum saw it and was like, "Is that real?" She really had a ago at me. Even when it faded, she was still going on about it! If I got a tattoo it would have to be hidden.
Sean: I'm going to get one one day, but I have to decide what I want. It will have to be a symbol or picture that means something to me. I'll wait till I find the right tattoo and then think about the top place for it.


Scott: My favourite teddy bear is a Gizmo (from the Gremlins films), I've had him for years. Fans kkeep giving me different Gizmos and I keep 'em and stuff, but I know which one is mine! Rich: I've got one teddy that's really big called Benson which is in nightclothes and he's in my bed. I even got given one called Mr Tuppence, which sounds made up, but it's true! J: I stopped sleeping with teddies when I was 11. My dad bought me a teddy when I was born which I kept until then, nowadays I just have the ones that fans give me.
Abs: I've got a million teddies. I love collectiong teddy bears. Every teddy bear I get from a fan I keep. When I get my own place, I want to make a teddy room and just put them all over the floor and swim in them and stuff. I got this little bear with Calvin Kleins on that I've had since I was really little - he's my favourite and he's called Ted.
Sean: Nope. Abs does. He's got a collection. He's got some in his bag here with him. He has this little stuffed dog.

Helping Hand

Scott: The other week I saw this bloke struggling with a bag of cement. I had some nice clothes on, but I helped him drag the cement into his garden. I'm a nice lad!
Rich: I'm usually a really helpful person. Sometimes I'm in my own world and I dont notice, but I've probably seen them and just not registered that they need help. I like to do a good deed each day.
J: I was on the underground (the underground train network) in London and this old lady had a big shopping trolley. I picked up her bag and threw it over my shoulder to try to help her, and she turned around and hurled the foulest abuse at me i've ever heard! The language age was using was unbelievable! Everyone looked at me thinking I was stealing her trolley! I was so emabarassed.
Sean: One time, we were running for our plane out of America cos we were late. This woman's case fell off her trolley so I picked it up and was like, "Dont worry I got it!" and she was like, get off my case you cheeky git!! Me and J hate old people now! I'll never help one agian!
Abs: I've helped people carry their shopping. I always do it when I'm around home. If someones walking down the street and they need some help, then I'll help.