Rock On

[Live & Kicking]

Just how rawk'n'roll are those party-lovin 5ive guts? Squeeze into those skin-tight leather trews and shake yer greasy locks as L&K gets the lowdown…

Have you ever chucked a telly out of a hotel window like a bonkers rock star?
No, but I have chucked other things - like pieces of fruit at passers-by!
J: I did try once but it was fixed onto the wall. (Doh!)
Sean: Nope, never!
Abs: Nope, but I chucked a cushion into the street once which is very rock'n'roll!

What's better rawk-type tight trousers or cowboy boots?
I'd pick some very quiet-looking cowboy boots and hope no one noticed them!
Abs: I'd go for cowboy boots - I don't want to look like some old rocker bloke!
J: Cowboy boots, but with a baggy jeans so you can hardly see 'em I couldn't wear skin-tight keks!
Sean: Eurgh! Me neither, they're horrible!

What's the longest you've grown you hair?
When I was 14 it was down to my shoulders and I had a perm once (shudder!) for a stage part in Peter Pan!
Abs: When I was little it was down to my shoulders and it was curly.
Rich: Confession time… I used to be a birrova rocker! It was all one length and went right down past my ears, but I kept it clean!
J: I used to have quite long dreadlocks. I didn't wash it for months - it looked really cool!

What's the first thing you do when you go into your swanky hotel room?
Kick up a stink if there's not loads of cool drinks in the minibar!
Abs: Set up my PlayStation!

Now that 5ive are so popular, d'ya reckon you'll all go off the rails?
Well, I've always been a bit bonkers, so it probably won't make any different to me!
J: We've never tried to not be bonkers, we like to go along with the moment. Mind you, I can see things kicking off a bit now but that's better than being boring and quiet isn't it?
Abs: We're pretty wild anyway so we should be alright!

Have you ever driven a swanky car into a swimming pool?
That's stupid. What a waste of a good car!
J: No, but I'd love to! I'd have loud music playing and drive it really fast. Going off a pier into the sea would also be cool!

Who's your fave rauncy rock chick?
Erm.. it'd have to be Pamela Anderson.
Sean: Violin chick Vanessa Mae - phwoar! She's a rockin' violinist and can pluck my strings any day of the week! (Ooh er!)

Would you like a big rawk'n'roll motorbike?
I think I'd prefer more of a sport sort of bike.
J: I used to have a cross country-type bike and I loved going out and really thrashing it. I was dead lucky not to break a few bones. I'd like to have another one now, though!
Abs: I'd like to have a massive powerful road bike in bright yellow and silver!

Do you headbang and stagedive to your new single Everybody Get Up when you perform it?
We stage dive in the video.
J: We play pretend geetars and throw our heads around, but I don't reckon fans would appreciate a 13 stone bloke landing on top of 'em!
Rich: Yeah, big time! I go for the full rock-out!
Scott: Me and my mate Wayne stage-dived at a club a few years ago, but when he did it no one caught him and he fell flat on his face!

What's your most barmy party moment?
Oh, that'd be when I was about 16. My mate's parents went away so we stayed up all night drinking rawk juice and having a mad party! Me and my bezzy mate ended up falling out, having a big scrap and then making friends again outside in the rain!
Sean: I once partied so much that I could hardly walk afterwards and I was sick the next day! (Nice)

Are 5ive more rock-tastic than 911?
We are, but only 'cause we're a different kind of group to them.
Scott: We're a lot taller than them and our single Everybody Get Up is rockier than their stuff.
Abs: Our new single's definitely more rocky than anything on the 911 album - so there's the proof in the pudding!
J: Yup! About 300% more at least!

Ever been banned from anywhere?
You name it, I've been banned from it: clubs, shops even the Chinese takeaway!
Abs: We're banned from couple of clubs, but it was the other guys fault, not mine!

Who would be the biggest party animal out of the Spice Girls, All Saints, Boyzone and BSBs?
The Spice Girls 'cause they've got the fearsome reputation (looks scared). They're mad!
Abs: Boyzone 'cause those Irish folks like to party all night!
Sean: Spice Girls 'cause there are more Notherners in the band! But 5ive'd probably beat 'em all, though we'd still be there when everyone was getting up for their breakfast.

Have you ever been kicked off a plane for being too rowdy?
No, but I've been in trouble for being too loud! People were complaining and said we'd have to shut up or get off the plane!
Abs: The air hostess thought I was too scruffy once (sounds miffed) and didn't want to let me sit in the posh bit of the plane!
J: Me and Sean flew in from America recently and during the flight I spilt drink down my t-shirt. I took it off to dry and even though I was covered up with a blanket, this guy started kicking off and telling me to put my clothes on - what an idiot!

Have you had any rawk'n'roll-type injuries?
I used to hate baths when I was a kid, so once I ran off when it was bath time and fell off some scaffolding and split the back of my head. I've still got a little scar!
Scott: I've got a rock'n'roll scar from an appendix operation when I was 13 and I've broken virtually all my fingers and my arm!
Rich: When I used to go and see groups like Pearl Jam and Nirvana (v. dodgy geetar bands) and I'd get trampled on and squashed. I got some pretty nasty bruises but I avoided getting seriously injured.

How often do you have wild nights out?
I'm not a wild kind party-all-night geezer. I go out now and then with my other mates, who aren't in the band so I can chill a bit and forget about work.
J: Whenever I can, but not as often as I'd like to 'cause we're always busy.
Scott: (sad face) Not any more… except my sisters sometimes.
Sean: Not often enough - there's usually too much work going on.
Rich: Yeah, but most nights of the week - it's just one big party for 5ive!