What Rocks Five's World?

[Sugar Magazine - August 2000]

What girls rock your world?

Female ones! Now I've split up with Billie, I'm looking forward to playing the field!

Which celeb girl has great attitude?
Kylie looks good in her new video, she's gorgeous and really sussed. I fancied her when I was 10 and she sang, I Should Be So Lucky!

How important is money to you?
It doesn't make you happy. I know it's easy for me to say, but the most important thing is people around you - your friends and family.

What's the best thing about being famous?
The best and the worst thing is walking down the street. When people say hello, you feel really good. Sometimes I hate being stared at, though.

What didn't you know about fame before that you do now?
People have such misconceptions about what kind of person you must be. I used to think Peter Andre was a real idiot, but when I met him, he was the nicest guy. Few people really know the real you.

What's been your lowest moment?
Coming back from touring was bad. I had the chicken pox, Billie split up with me, then the papers said I dumped her, which was a lie and then I had a car crash. Around then I kept seeing single magpies. I was sure it was a sign!

What's been your scariest moment?
The car crash. It was similar to the one that killed our manager, Bob. It was the same make of car and the same road, at the time, I felt quite calm; it was as if Bob was keeping me safe. I never thought I was going to die, but the police told me that if I hadn't had my seat belt on, I would have.

What sort of girls do you go for?

I like really down-to-earth girls who you can have a bit of a laugh with. I also like girls with big juicy full lips!

Which gals don't rock your world?
Girls who do that whole hard-to-get thing. If a girl does that to me I just leave her to it.

You often say you haven't made much money yet has it started rolling in?
Yeah. We've all written songs and that's where you make your money, so we're all in a position where we can buy nice houses and cars. But I'm not extravagant with money, it doesn't last long if you are.

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt about fame?
You can't take it for granted. We could be here today and next month we could be sweeping the streets.

What's been your lowest moment?
When we lost our tour manager Bob. We got off a plane to hear he'd been killed in a car crash. It was horrible.

Describe your last rock 'n' roll moment.
When we were on tour, some mates stayed in our hotel and we were up till eight in the morning. One of 'em stripped and danced on the table - it was really funny!

What's been your biggest fight?
When we were filming the If Ya Getting Down video, me and Scott ended up screaming at each other. It's just like arguing with family. You love someone to bits but if you're under pressure you flip out!

What's been your scariest moment since you've been in Five?
We went through a weird time, before Everybody Get Up came out. Everyone went on a major paranoia trip and thought the band was splitting up and the single was going to flop. Thank God it wasn't!

What kind of girls rock your world?

Girls who make me laugh and don't take themselves too seriously. They have to be independent too.

Which celeb girls do you fancy?
I can't think of anyone apart from Danielle of course [Abs' girlfriend who plays Gina in Hollyoaks]. I've never been into the whole CELEB thing.

How important is money to you?
Not hugely, but it's nice to be able to buys gifts - I bought my cousins new trainers the other day.

What's been your happiest period since the band started?
The week we spent in Australia, we were on tour, but it wasn't like work. We did a couple of interviews and had parties by the roof-top pool at night!

Describe your dream rock star house.
A cottage in the country with space for a games room,. Oh, and a small flat in London for partying.

Has fame bought you happiness?
I'm as happy as I was before I became famous, but I can get things quicker now. If I want a dog, I'll buy one. If I wasn't famous I'd have to save up instead.

Has your pulling power increased since you've been in Five?
Lots of girls are interested 'cause of what I do, but you never know who's genuine.

Lots of celebs say they date other celebs, because no-one else understands them. Is that true?
Danielle and I have been together since before we were famous, but it's great that we both understand being in the public eye. I'm really proud of what she does. Mind you, I did have to explain to my cousins that it was only acting when she started kissing girls!

What sort of girls do you go for?

I used to like blonde girls, then I started liking dark girls, now I've realised I like all sorts! I don't like loud girls, though. Over confident people put me off a bit.

Have you bought a huge rock star house yet?
Nah, I'm not that bothered about housey stuff. We were round someone's house the other day and his TV was so huge, it was like a cinema! It was really good and everything, but I bet the novelty would wear off after a few weeks!

What do you like about being famous?
You get your own way, well sometimes anyway! When you're famous, people rally round you and you can use it to your advantage.

You're known for being outspoken, what trouble has it got you into?
We've got a reputation for being difficult, so some people in the music industry have an attitude about us before they even meet us. But we're nice guys really, we just speak our minds and people don't like that.

What's been your scariest moment since you've been in Five?
It was in Australia, recently when we were on tour. Fans surrounded the tour bus and there were hundreds of them. They were screaming and rocking the bus and we were all really worried it was going to tip over!

How much has your pulling power increased since you've been in Five?
Well a lot more girls approach me now and start talking to me. Girls were never really interested in me before I was in the band! I don't take much notice though, they're only doing it because I'm famous.

What kind of girls do you go for?

Ones like my girlfriend, Kerry. She makes me laugh and looks gorgeous. Eyes can be really beautiful too. Kerry's are an amazing mix of green and brown.

Which celeb girls have a lot of great attitude?
Cameron Diaz 'cause she's such a good actress. I don't like all her films, but There's Something About Mary was really funny.

How important is money to you?
I'd be lying if I said money wasn't important, but it hasn't changed me. I've got a house and I've bought my parents a house, but at the end of the day I could be happy living in a cardboard box.

What didn't you know about fame, that you do now?
That it's a lot harder than I ever expected it to be. You've always got to be on the ball. There are so many people waiting to be horrible and you've got to be ready for all of them.

What's been your lowest moment?
I almost had a nervous breakdown in Five's first year. I was just exhausted. I looked disgusting 'cause I was so run down. My face was really thin and I had loads of spots. Eventually, we cancelled some work and I took a holiday, which helped sort me out.

What's been your most memorable fight ever?
I was on holiday in Spain and this man wanted an autograph for his little girl. I explained that I was on holiday, but he just wouldn't listen so things got quite heated. If he'd asked anywhere else, I'd have signed anything for his daughter, but not when I'm on holiday, that's my private time.