Editorial Review: 2Gether

I can still remember the first time I listened to this album. Of course when it came out I actually had it on tape because I taped it from my friend's Cd (Ah the days before CD burners). Of course, now I HAD to buy it on CD. Regardless of the fact that 5ive was a one hit wonder in America, I loved this album. I can still remember 5ive performing the songs off this CD on their Disney channel special. 5ive were actually one of my favorite boybands of the time and are one of the few boyband CD's I can still listen to. With the changing times of America's music tastes and my own I can still find myself listening to this CD. The songs are danceable and the guys really do have talent. My favorite songs are 'Satisfied' 'I Remember' and 'It's All Over'. This is one of those CD's that you don't need to skip over any songs at all. If you're looking for a CD to sum up what the best of the early boyband era has to offer, this is your best pick. Also pick up 5ive's 'Invincible' while you're at it, you won't regret it.

5ive was a boyband with a poppy sound that was similar to the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC debut albums. This album is very similar to the other popular boybands. This album has been certified Platinum. This album is a promise.

I liked FIve's album! I'd still get it now because it was so in your face! I heard When the Lights go Out again this past summer and it still sounds good. I thought that Max Martin was able to produce some very funky songs here, even if he had hits with Backstreet and NSYNC and Britney Spears' album hadn't even come out. The others by Cutfather and Joe, Lever and Percy, Richard Stannard and others were also good. There's more of a rock thing on this one versus the pop feel of their rivals, lots of guitar. Slam Dunk, the funky It's the Things you Do, the Joan Jett-sounding Get Up!, the phone number song, and the rest of the album is just as superb. Only Satified is the weak cut here--doesn't really grab me. Five had a very unique, edgy debut album that still holds up today with its catchy grooves and hooks!

A great cd by the british band 5ive. They aren't just another boyband. Two members, Abs and J, actually rap on the songs, and the other three, Sean, Rich and Scott, have great voices. Another thing that separates them from the other boybands is that they co-wrote a lot of these songs together as a group. The songs are generally pop but they have r&b and rock meshed in. Every song should be listened to, don't skip a thing.

This album was and still is a great debut for a group...it's in your face lyrics ....they were dubbed the edge and the hard guys in pop..Five debuted with this brilliant album way back in 1998. Five were, and always will be the best boy band ever and they leave behind 4 great albums. Stand out tracks on this CD are: When the lights go out
slam dunk da funk
it's teh things you do
everybody get up
my song
this is a great album all put together....

Initially lumped in with Westlife, Boyzone, etc., as just another fabricated pop boy group, Five were one of the few bands who actually did stand out from the crowd. Eschewing soppy love songs in favor of far more in-your-face rowdy pop, Five bounced onto the scene with attitude, slightly more streetwise styling than their contemporaries, and some truly great pop tunes. From the inspired sampling of Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock & Roll' on 'Everybody Get Up' to the sing-along-and-clap-your-hands party vibes of 'Got the Feelin',' it's hard not to be seduced by Five's charm. Things do go a bit Backstreet Boys on weaker tracks like 'Until the Time Is Through' and 'Satisfied,' but these are forgivable blips on an otherwise stellar trajectory. The opening line of 'Slam Dunk (Da Funk)' says it all: Five have 'the power to rock you.'
--Helen Marquis