Park Life

The sun's out, the sky's blue so what better way to spend the day than with FIVE lively lads messin' in the park...

How high did you used to go on the swings?
Scott: I still go on swings, it's really peaceful. When I'm with my mates I go up really high and jump off. Before the band we used to walk to the shops, get an ice pop then get on the swings, jump off and lay in the grass to chill out.

What five things do you take to the park for a good time?
Scott: I'd take family, friends, a jukebox with compilation albums, a nice female in a bikini, a basketball and food.
Rich: Football, me mates, my girlfriend (if I had one), picnic, music and a blanket.
J: A bottle of pop, a stereo playing nice, loud music, a football, a bit of scran and a 'friend'.

Did you hang out in a gang?
There were two gangs called the Thundercats and Mask when I was at primary school. I was in the Thundercats although Mask was a bigger gang.

Were you hard when you were little?
I thought I was hard, but I wasn't. The first word out of my mouth when I fell over and hurt myself was, 'Muuuuuum!'.
Sean: I've got bad balance and it makes me clumsy for some reason, if I start running fast I fall over, so I was always covered in bruises.

When was your last snog outside?
The other night! It wasn't a proper snog but a kiss on the lips - it wasn't deep.
Rich: About two or three months ago. We got on really well.
J: It was on the train going up to Liverpool a few weeks ago.
Abs: I'm not sure but I have been quite naughty in a forest!

What's the best thing that's happened to you this week?
Getting home and seeing my family. We had the weekend off 'cause we were so tired.
J: We did a performance in Belgium and we got given gold discs.
Abs: I did a three hour driving crash course. I'm really good, about 60mph all the way! I've got my test soon.
Rich: I saw my mum. She says, 'I've got my little boy back!'

What's your fave time of the year?
In the summer you feel good! Although I do like getting cosy on a big rug in front of a blazing fire in winter. But there needs to be a girl with you - that's what my life is lacking. I need a female in it.
Abs: I like it when it's really drizzly and moody. You don't want to leave your bed.
Sean: I love summer, girls in less clothes, the good vibe, you know what I mean.

Can you remember your last holiday romance?
When I was about 14 on a Haven Holiday camp! She was called Rhian McGuiness, but it never really happened because she had a boyfriend.
Rich: I think it was when I was 13. Her name was Wendy Mizen and she was 15. I couldn't tell her I liked her 'cause I was too shy. I cried when I had to go home.
Abs: I used to stick with my folks 'cause women topless on the beach were scary. I had goggles in the sea once and swam under this woman who was topless on a Lilo. You could see everything! I nearly drowned!
Sean: I met a girl in Tunisia. We had a bit of a kiss. (Raising his eyebrow) I kept ringing her but it was no go. As soon as I got in the band she rang up so I said, 'Hop it. Away with yer'. She shouldn't phone just 'cause I'm in a band.

Do you get body shy?
I never used to be, but as I'm more famous now I do. Before I was in the limelight I didn't care what people thought of me.
Rich: I do now. People judge you.
Abs: I'm not bothered. As soon as the sun's out, out comes my body!