One On One With 5ive

When did you first try a shandy booze and what did you think about it?
The first time I got drunk was when I went to South of France on a holiday with my family. We were in a restaurant and I was begging my parents to have some white wine. About half a glass, they had to carry me out of there. I was about 10.
Rich: I was on a holiday in Tenerife. I was 13 and was with two 15 year olds. We had a couple of tails and some cider. I was in a right mess.

Have you ever been heartbroken?
Yes, no question about it, when my girlfriend finished with me. I lost it. I couldn't handle it, in fact I burst a blood vessel under my eye cuz of crying so much. We were in Sweden, I cried so much I couldn't see. An hour later I looked in the mirror, my eyes were all bloodshot and I burst the blood vessel under my eye. Rich came up to me to try to comfort me but I tried to hit him cuz I wanted to be alone. It wasn't a good day.

Have you ever driven your mum and dad to tears?
Yes, I did, my mum cried a lot about the relationship I was in. I used to be going out with my first love, she was all wrong for me, she used to be awful towards me but it still drove me to tears when we split up. When my mom saw me crying she brokedown too. She knew all along that my love was wrong for me.
J: Loads of times! When I was 14, I went through this phase "I hate everyone!" and being a total brat! I would do anything to annoy people. My mom would cry of frustration that I wouldn't behave or do any chores around the house.

Why do you think girls like guyz in pop bands?
They see the face they like, they hear the music they like that its easy to sing along to (Abs starts singing When the Lights go out in squeaky girls voice)

How would you rate your kissing techinque out of 10?
Pretty high! I'm not saying I'm a good kisser but the techinques is here, do you wanna hear it? Ok, start pecking them on the lips then move into a deep kiss then pull back and kiss them on the neck, I like that!