On A Date With Five
[Frikvarter December 1999]

Are you a real gentleman?

Yeah. I rate myself as being a gentleman.
What would you call it, if you should give your date a compliment?
I can't give you an example just like that. It comes natural when you are in the situation. I have a girlfriend, and when she looks good, which she of course always does, I tell her. I'm full of compliments.
Has it changed you to be in a serious relationship?
It's always going to change you to be in a serious relationship. You listen to her opinions and she listens to yours, and in that way you affect each other. I feel more safe, because I know I'm not alone with my problems. But if it's directly changed me, I don't know.

If you could choose any person in the world to go on a date with, who would it be?

I'm not really interested in anyone at the moment. I haven't really got a dream-girl. But to be honest is a very important thing. I haven't got any friends, who would lie to me, because I am honest and loyal. To be truthful is absolutely the most important thing - both when it comes to friends and girls.
How much money would you use on a first date?
I don't think it matters how much you use. If the girl wants a drink, then she will, of course, get a drink. If not, she won't get any. You just use what you have to use.
Would you like to go on a blind date?
Yeah, I would probably say yes to that. But I have never had the offer, but if I could get away quickly, in case I didn't like her, I would be in on the idea.

What kind of girls do you go on a date with?

It has to be a girl who is down to earth. Someone, who talks, is nice and easy. We should be able to have a good serious chat, but also be able to laugh for hours. I wouldn't be able to go out with a self-centred singer or actress.
What would the first date be like?
It had to be very relaxed. For me, the first date is all about finding out whether or not you want see each other again. I prefer going somewhere quiet for a drink... and then afterwards finding a nice restaurant with very few people. The most important thing is that it gets personal.
Would you ever go out with a fan?
No. First of all are they too young for me and second of all there is this invisible line between me and them, which I don't want to cross. If I was walking down the street as Jason Brown and not J from Five, they would probably not even look at me. It is because that I am famous, which is the reason why they are interested. I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, but the more unattainable I am, the more interesting I am for the fans. I would never cross that line to our fans.

What kind of girl would you like to date?

It's not a specific kind of girl I fall for. I must admit, that when I was 16-17 years old, I was most into blonde girls with blue or green eyes, but now it's more the personality, that I'm interested in. My date has to be caring, considerate, loyal and very lovingly. It is different, what I notice makes you interested in different people. With one girl it may be the eyes, which is the nice thing, and it may be the smile which is attracting on the second girl.
What would the first date be like?
The point with a first date is to get to know each other. I know from experience that the relationships, which lasts for the longest time are the ones where you don't just jump headlong into it. I would take the girl home to my place, where we could talk undisturbed.
What would you call it if you should give your date a compliment?
We all know that girls love compliments, but I am absolutely not the kind type who's just coming with compliments all of the time, just to impress. Personally I can get very embarrassed, when I get a compliment. I like it, but I often turn red.
Are you the type who has long relationships?
When I was 11-12 years old I had a lot of short relationships, which lasted for no longer than the break between two lessons in school, and then it was over. My longest relationship is the one I'm in at the moment with Billie Piper. It has lasted for a year at the moment, and although I have been in longer relationships before, I see this one as the longest one, because that there are absolutely no signs that it's going to end. I am madly in love!

Would you go with the girl home to her parents on the first date?

No way! You can ruin every chance, you may have, from the beginning, if you let the parents interfere in it, because mothers are a big influence on their daughters.
Then what should happen on the first date?
I wouldn't plan anything big. If she's hungry, I'll take her out to eat. If she loves movies, we'll go to the movies. If she likes to go for a walk in the rain, we'll go for a walk in the rain or end up at my place - who knows?!?
What is the best compliment you can give a girl?
The most beautiful thing you an tell another person is, that you love that person. It means, that you trust the person, that you are satisfied with the way she is treating you, that you care about her, and that you respect her. "I love you" is a very beautiful declaration of love.