Naughty But Nice

They're cheeky as anything, they're a right old laugh and now we find out they're little saucepots, too! Prepare yourselves for FIVE….the full monty!

So come on then guys, own up - what's your favourite part of your body?
My hair. I really, really love it now, and I've got it down to a fine art - I can do it in minutes! Actually, it's pretty much ok even when I wake up - I just have to re-do the sides!
Sean: To be honest, I've never really thought about it. I've had a few comments from girls about my lips, but I don't know what they're on about!
Rich: I haven't really got one, but girls have told me I've got nice eyes.
Abs: Everyone likes my eyebrows for some reason…
J: The part that's revealed the least! Probably my arms - they're in quite good condition at the moment. Well, they get me by!

And which are your dodgy bits then?
My legs - look at them (rolls his trouser leg up and makes us have a feel). They're just so hairy, I hate them! (Actually they are pretty fluffy!). Do you know, J took the hair clippers to them the other day and gave them a grade two! I may have to do that more often!
Sean: My feet. I hate feet. Oh, and my nose - I don't like my nose. Look at it from the side - it goes up, see?
Rich: My nose, my bum….I've got a bit of a thing about my nose - It's just a bit weird isn't it? Actually, there's a lot of parts of my body I don't like - everything really! I always put myself down.
Abs: This might sound quite big headed but I'm happy the way I am.
J: At the moment it would be my midriff. I stopped training a year ago. I used to train about 6 or 7 days a week and weighed about 15 stone - I was into it in a big way, but now it's all relaxed a bit shall we say!

So what type of sexy underwear do you lads favour?
(pulling down his trousers to give us a look) Calvin's of course. They're the boxer short ones and they're really comfy. My mum bought me loads of pairs for my 18th, bless her.
Rich: (showing us again - do these boys ever keep their clothes on?) It's the Calvin Klein boxers again!
Abs: Definitely boxer shorts, but I don't care who they're by. Like, I've got a pair I've had two years - they're white silk with little red hearts all over them. I've had them ages and they're really tight but I love them.
J: Comfortable but tight fitting boxer shorts. I'm not really into particular brands, but I do wear me Calvins if I'm out on the pull!

What's the sexiest thing you've ever done?
I don't know really - I'm sexy all round, haha. I don't think I ever try to be sexy, I just try to be as nice as possible. I like to be a genuinely nice guy, then girls get bored of that and they dump me! They don't like nice guys do they?
Sean: I don't really do sexy things, I just smile and be myself.
Rich: I think I'm quite a sexy person, but it's not a conscious thing - I think everyone is really.
J: The thing I always snare people with - and pretend I'm being all innocent is a massage. I've been told I'm very good at it, so after a few dates - cos I'm not into that one night stand thing - I'll invite them back to mine and get a massage in somehow. But I act all innocent like it's the first time I've done it.

So which of you scamps get the sexiest on stage then?
None of us! There's no cheese on that, madam. We're not into cheese - all those seering looks and all that…no, thank you! Basically, if we're going to sing a ballad it's cos it's a wicked song we've written - it's not going to be winking at girls and all that, lifting our tops and showing our fat bellies to everyone!
Sean: Rich I suppose. It's just the way he is - he's out there!
Rich: As in a pelvic thrusty type thing? Me, definitely - I get a bit thrusty and I feel sexy on stage. I feel like I'm in control and really good, like that's where I'm supposed to be.
Abs: I'd say Rich and Scott. I know he'll never say it, but Scott is absolutely dying to show everyone his abs - he walks around half pulling his shirt up the whole time!
J: When it comes to all the pelvic thrusts and stuff, I suppose it'd be old cheesey Richie Dobson! I'm not in for any winks or thrusts or anything, but I s'pose we're all different. People like all of us for different reasons!

OK, if you're out on the pull, what'll you wear?
Mostly a lot of stuff I get from the stylist, because we get to pick our own clothes. They're clothes I've always wanted but never been able to afford. I've got a nice black Armani puffa jacket with orange inside, but you don't wear the orange side cos you'd look like a fool!
Sean: Smart, but casual. I'd never wear a suit or stupid shoes - I'd just wear what felt comfortable. If I'm comfortable, then I can pull!
Abs: I never used to wear anything special - but I don't go out on the pull anymore!
J: To tell the truth, something like I've got on now. Just casual - a nice pair of jeans, trainers and a nice sweat top.

If you all go out together who has the most success with the laydees?
Recently, me! And I really don't know why. I've been told it's cos I don't put on any act - I'm just myself and they all think 'Oh, isn't he cute,' which I don't mind! Usually it's Rich with his dazzling blue eyes - all the girls go 'Ahhh' - but recently I haven't been doing too badly myself!
Sean: J, Rich or Scott. I don't know why - maybe they're better looking?
Rich: I'm not very good with women. Well I am - when I'm on form I'm very good, but I'm not often on form! I'm often very shy - I get tongue tied.
Abs: I don't know - we all appeal to different girls, so we're successful on different nights.
J: Scott appeals to younger people and me and Rich do quite well, but it was like, when I first saw Rich I thought 'Yeah, he's a decent looking lad - I bet he's Mr Confident,' but he's the same as me. I could be out with my friends and a girl could be all over me, practically licking my neck or whatever, and I still wouldn't think she liked me! It's a confidence thing.

OK then, what's the longest kiss you've ever had?
Oh, five minutes, ten minutes - one that's just gone on forever. Was it recently? Yeah, it was actually, but you're not getting it out of me - no way!
Sean: Flippin' heck, I haven't got a clue. I have loads of really long kisses!
Rich: A very, very long time, like hours - a bit of tender caressing and all that…mmm…and it was recent too.
Abs: I've never exactly timed it, but I've had some real long, passionate ones.
Who gets kissed the most by fans?
We've all got our own fans, but it's probably Rich and Scott who get the most!

So how many times a day do you have rude thoughts?
I'm sorry right, but they never stop entering my mind - ever! It's constant. It can be anything. I'm sitting here now and I'm thinking rude thoughts! It's very natural and it's very healthy. I'm having rude thoughts about all you fans out there - and loving it!
Sean: Every time I see a nice lady I have to have a rude thought to find out if I like her or not, so it ends up being all the time. I'd say it's about every ten minutes, but before I got into the band I was never like that - I used to be a lot more choosy, but now you don't have time for girls so you're constantly thinking about them!
Rich: About every seven seconds! Well, very, very often, even if it's just a little thought that you don't share with everyone. I suppose it depends what I'm doing, but I guess in honesty it's about every five minutes!
Abs: I don't really get rude thoughts, but I suppose it depends what sort of mood you're in doesn't it? If you're gagging for a snog then it's probably about every five minutes. I'm not that much of a pervert though!
J: Hey guys (to all the others) - how many times a day do I have rude thoughts?
All: Every single second!
J: There you go…
Scott: I can guarantee J has got a rude thought in his mind right now!
J: It's everything though - like, whenever we do radio or TV interviews I can't help turning into a sexual connotation. At the moment every single second of the day is a dirty thought - I feel desperate!

So where do you reckon's the strangest place you've snogged somebody, then?
On the floor, I suppose - I haven't really been that weird. Or around a hotel room, and I mean everywhere!
Sean: In a field at night on a hill. But that was a long time ago.
Rich: I was with my ex-girlfriend and we were in this little alleyway where you could see people walking past at the end…Loads of other places too, fields, cars, everywhere…
Abs: Once we were in this little forest with a round path in the middle and people were sitting on the benches round the outside, but they couldn't see us and all the branches were cracking and people were wondering what was going on!
J: There hasn't been anywhere really strange, but I've always wanted to be naughty in the female changing rooms in Marks & Spencers!

Which of you lot talks about girls the most then?
J and Sean. I pretty much keep what I'm thinking to myself, but they're realising as they're saying it I'm thinking exactly the same thing - but just trying to keep a bit schtum about it!
Sean: Me or J, but probably J more - he's a little bit frustrated, as it goes…
Rich: We all talk about girls, but in a saucy way it's got to be J. We're all very vocal about girls except for Abs, who's very faithful to his girlfriend. We all end up getting really carried away and aggressive about it!
Abs: It's got to be J. Well, J and Rich…actually they all do! I'd have to go for J the most, though - it's nonstop!

Have you ever walked in on one of the others and caught them snogging?
I've never walked in on them, but I've known they're doing it. Urrgh. When I was at home I got caught a few times by my mum and one time my stepdad walked in my room and my girlfriend and I were caught in a bit of a clinch!

Do you know which girls the others have got the hots for?
Yeah. Sean likes Melanie Sykes, Rich likes Michelle Pfeiffer, Abs likes one of the girls from Hollyoaks, I like Alicia Silverstone and J likes that model Kelly Brook.
Sean: All I know is Scott's mad on Alicia.
Come on then what's the most outrageous thing you've done for love?
I messed up a whole recording session in Sweden because my girlfriend finished with me. I phoned her and she was a bit off with me. I said, not thinking, 'What's wrong with you - don't you want to be with me anymore?' and she went silent. I phoned her back later and she told me she couldn't handle not seeing me and all that, so I messed up the whole recording session. I was crying all the time - I burst the blood vessels under my eyes and I couldn't sing, so I'm not on one of the tracks on the album.
Sean: I'm not really an outrageous person, I'm just laid back.
Rich: I've spent stupid amounts of money on girls.
Abs: Once I put my girlfriend on the train home and waved her off, but as I was walking away I wanted to say goodbye again, so I was running after the train as it was pulling away and I was trying to call her on my mobile to get her to come to the window, and I ended up losing my phone! I never got it back either!

OK Romeos, who's the most romantic out of all of you?
Me or Abs, I'd say. We're pretty alike about stuff like that. He'd say I wasn't anymore, he'd say I've veered off, but I haven't - I'm still really romantic I just haven't got a leash yet!
Sean: I don't know cos when you're with the lads you talk about sex, but when you're with a girl it always goes a bit deeper.
Rich: We're all very romantic. I mean, we're all lads, but when one of us gets a girlfriend we become very romantic.
Abs: J is a bit manic. Rich is in touch with his feminine side so he's quite romantic, Sean's very laid back and chilled out and Scott's…Scott, I can't explain him. He's unique. I've been told I'm romantic, but I don't know…

How and when did you learn about the birds and the bees?
I always knew about it from when I was at school, but I never actually did anything about it 'til just before I joined the band!
Sean: My mum's been teaching me since I was little. I talk to her about everything. I remember when I was about 12 thinking, 'What's it all about?' So I asked my mum and she told me. I still talk to her about it now.
Rich: From my older brother, who's 27 now. When we were younger we were always together, so I learnt it all from him - although he wasn't always very reliable!
Abs: My first experience was one of those pens with a woman wearing a bikini on it, where you turn it upside down and the bikini disappears. But my teacher caught me looking at it!

Would you ever pose naked like OTT did?
Would I heck! We don't like Edam! They really did it, didn't they?
Sean: No way. I'm not that proud!

What's your wildest fantasy?
I'd say to be stranded on a desert island with…I'm not going to be greedy here, not loads of women, just a couple…well maybe four - but it'd have to be love! You know, I'd never tell a girl I loved her if I didn't, cos that's so out of order.
Abs: I don't get time to fantasise anymore!

So what's your fave sleeping position?
I sort of cuddle the pillow underneath me - it's comforting!
Rich: I go to sleep in the same position every night. I have one pillow for my head and one to hug. I lie face down hugging the pillow, with my leg up and over it aswell. It started when I was with my ex-girlfriend and we phoned every night to say, 'See you tomorrow' or whatever, then one of us would say, 'Bye, hug your pillow' and that's how it all started.
Abs: Right, let me show you. I'll lay flat down right, my hands will be under my pillow and my legs are bent up at the back. That's really comfortable.
J: I always lie on my front with one hand under my pillow and the other one tucked under me - for warmth!