The Naked Truth!

[Smash Hits - January '99 AUS ISSUE]

Just imagine the grins on our faces when the flirty fellas from Five decided to drop their daks, for Smash! J, Abs, Scott, Sean and Rich bare their bods and their souls in another crazy interview.

Have you ever been naked in public?

A few times, I just walk along and drop me undies! The last time was in LA, I was just walking along and I wanted to feel the sea breeze on my bits, so I walked to the sea - and dropped my shorts!

Have you ever been arrested?
I've been accused of two armed robberies! It was a winter's night and I had a jacket, black gloves and a hat on. A cop car pulled up and questioned me about a robbery. But they had no proof, so I never heard from them again.

What's the one big secret fans wouldn't know about J?
I'm mixed race. My dad's half-caste and half my family is Jamaican. I don't think any of them know that but they should.

Name the one person you would like to see naked.
Oh man, the lead singer of Destiny's Child! We did these awards with them in Holland and she came over to talk to us! I thought she was beautiful. I'd just like to get close to her!

What's the silliest thing you've done while drunk?
It was 1am in the middle of winter and we were going back to a hotel in Sweden. We passed this huge lake and everyone was saying how cold it would be. I pulled off my trainers and dived straight in. I tell you what, it sobered me up pretty quick.

Do you ever go out without underwear on?
Yeah, it gives you a real sense of freedom! You walk around with a grin on your face all day!

Have you ever stripped off in public?

I haven't. I might strip off if I were with the lads - then I might do it for a laugh.

Who would you like to see naked?
Sharon Stone and Melanie Sykes. I just really like natural looking women.

What's the worst trouble you ever got into at school?
I always used to run at the back in PE, so once I thought, right, I'm gonna beat everyone, and I did. The teacher said I was mucking around and she swore at me, so I threatened to throw a tennis ball at her head! They sent me home and I even got suspended.

Tell us a secret about yourself that no one else knows.
I had a big afro when I was 11. I was trying to grow it but it went wrong.

What's the silliest thing you've done while drunk?
One night we were in a taxi and I was sooo drunk. I asked this girl a question and she just looked at me like I was an idiot. All the boys started laughing cos no one understood what I said.

Would you ever pash another guy's girl?
I don't think so cos I wouldn't like it done to me. I've probably snogged someone else's girlfriend in the past but I can't remember.

Do you ever go out without underwear on?
Not often. It feels weird and uncomfortable. What's the point? No one else would know anyway.

Have you ever stripped off in public?

Just before christmas, I got a radio controlled car. It was really late at night and I went out in the pouring rain to play with it but I was only wearing my boxer shorts. Basically that is as far as I've gone.

Do you have any confessions to make to Smash?
I killed my grandad's fish! It was one of those black goldfish with the big boggley eyes. It was sweet but I was only young. I filled up the tank with ketchup cos I thought he was hungry! I denied knowing anything about it - until now that is! Ahhh, I feel so bad about it now! No really, I do!

Who would you like to see naked?
I'm not answering that! Get out of here, I can't answer that!

What's the worst trouble you ever got into at school?
I got told off for throwing a bottle at some boy's head - but it wasn't me! My mum got called down to my school which made things even worse. For some reason, the teacher told her I hadn't done my homework. I was quite good at school though.

Would you ever pash someone else's girl?
No way! I just couldn't - I wouldn't want someone to do it to me. It's one of those things - an unwritten rule.

Do you ever go out without wearing underwear?
Yeah, loads of times. I did it once cos I didn't have any clean boxer shorts. But sometimes I just can't be bothered wearing any.

Have you ever been to a nudist beach?

I have, but I wasn't nude! It was on a school trip to France when I was 12. The tour reps took us to a nudist beach and we couldn't stop laughing cos it was full of old naked people - bleurgh!

Ever been in trouble with the cops?
When I was 10, me and my friends were climbing on the roof of a school. The caretaker saw us and called the pollice! When they caught us I owned up so they let me go. They said they appreciated my honesty.

Tell us something no one else knows about you.
I often think that I'm a proper loon. I talk to myself, I walk past a mirror, pull a daft face, laugh at myself and then carry on walking. But I'm not mad, cos I think I am! If I didn't think I was mad then I would be!

Who would you like to see naked?
Michelle Pfeiffer. But she's far too classy to pose naked. I'd have to say the Spice Girls for a laugh, but there's no need for Geri to do it cos she already has!

What's the worst thing you ever did at school?
I got in trouble for going to the pub at lunchtime with a mate. I got an internal suspension which meant I had to do school work during recess.

Do you ever go out without underwear on?
I have before. Not out to a club or anything but I wore trousers without any underwear when we were in LA.

Have you ever been naked in public?

I stripped down to my boxers when I was 17. This pub was running a competition where the first person to strip off won a bottle of champagne. Two seconds later I was standing on a table in my boxers! Another time me, J and Rich stripped off and ran down the street in the rain. This woman came out to complain about the noise, but I think she enjoyed it!

What's the most trouble you've been in at school?
I never really got into trouble cos I joined drama school at 14 and I loved it. Before that I was the class clown. I guess it was to cover up the fact that I wasn't good with learning. Later on I found out I was dyslexic.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.
Before I joined the band, I was in a play where I had to have my hair permed! It was long and curly!

Would you ever snog someone else's girlfriend?
No, never. I'm one of the most jealous and twisted people around. I couldn't do it cos I'd know how the other bloke would feel.

Who would you like to see naked?
The person I want to see is a normal girl with a cute little smile, brown hair and blue eyes. Someone I could chill out with.

Do you ever go out without underwear on?
All the time! The last time was after coming out of the pool in LA where we were doing out video. I pulled on my tracksuit and headed out. You get a real sense of freedom!