Moving On Up!

[TV HITS - December 1999 AUS Issue]

Those crazy 5ive lads just can't put a foot wrong! Smash hit after smash hit, millions of fanatical fans and a new album comin' atcha…no wonder movie's on the cards!

Tell us about your new album…
Sean: Obviously it's not too mature and serious! Nearly every song on the album is written by us - which is different to the first album. There is a little bit of funk and a little bit of soul. There are a lot more speedier tracks on it. We used a lot of guitar and stuff. It's a lot different!

Did you enjoy making your video?
We do enjoy making videos, but it's all the waiting around! It's like we got there at eight o'clock in the morining and Rich didn't actually do anything until six o'clock that night! By the time you're called upon to do something, you're very lethargic!

Why has 5ive always been so public about the fact you have girlfriends?
We are very honest about it and we always say when we have girlfriends. We just think it's better to let people know what we do.
Rich: A lot of bands are secretive about it. Let's face it, it's the '90s and we're going into a new millennium. To think that guys in the pop industry don't have girlfriends is total rubbish!

So they all have girlfriends?
I'm not saying every lad in every boy band has a girlfriend, but I am saying that if they say they don't have girlfriends, then they're lying!

Is there a lot of pressure to lie?
When I first came out about me and Billie, it was a very touchy subject, because her record company was like, "You just can't do this" - and so was mine! We were just like, "We want to be open about it, we don't want to hide it". Why should we? We're just human beings having human emotions.

What about you, Scott?
A lot of people said to me, "you're really popular in the band, don't do it!" But I think I owe it to the fans to be honest. I don't have a go at other people for having a boyfriend or girlfriend, so why should they do it to me? It is also my proivate life, and I think the fans appreciate it more that I'm honest.

Do people come up to your girlfriend, Kerry, now that they know who she is?
Yeah, people come up and say to her, "You're Scott's girlfriend, aren't you?" But she's cool about it.

What's the best thing about being in 5ive?
There is just so much that's good about it! Every day we get up and it's just amazing! You always remember that you could be stacking shelves in a supermarket!

What's the silliest rumour you've heard about yourself?
There was a rumour going around about me and Lisa from STEPS. It wasn't entirely untrue (cheeky grin), but it wasn't entirely true either!

What's your most embarrassing moment since joining 5ive?
Some of the clothes I wore were embarrassing! Like, I remember for the cover of our first single ("Slam Dunk Da Funk") I wore some hideous jumper with a zip that went right up, and I looked like a gimp! [Laughs] I also had these boots that were really hideous!

You're the musical genius in the band, Sean! Any solo plans?
No, I don't think I would want to be in the limelight, to be honest. But I would like to write songs for other people.

What's this we hear about a 5ive movie or TV series?
There's talk of a few things, but I don't know enough yet to talk about them.

What do you do with your spare time?
We're completely ordinary guys, we just have extraordinary jobs. We just do anything anyone our age would do. Like going out with our mates, going to movies, that sort of thing.

What will you do when 5ive finishes?
I definitely want to have a solo career. I definitely want to be in a film and I definitely want to be in a series. Basically I want to do it all!

What sort of movie would you like to star in?
I think I'd like to play a villain next to Bruce Willis in an action film! I would be his little sidekick or something! [laughs]

What are your future dreams?
Just to make a go of it and try to be a success. You can only try. You can get annoyed or upseet, but you have to keep going and trying to be the best.