Modern Romance!


So Abs, are you the romantic type?
I'm not really into all that sending chocolates and flowers stuff, 'cos everybody does that. I think it's better to show your love every single day, through the little things you do.

Sean, how do you let a girl knows that you're in love with her?
I've never done anything really special, 'cos I've never really been in love. I can't imagine what it will be like to be in love, but I think it will probably be something pretty amazing. I hope that some day I'll meet a special girl and that we'll have a lot of fun together. I'm pretty young though, so I don't care about how it too much at the moment...

So, how do you get a girl to fall for you, Scott?
I basically just try to be myself. In my view, it's foolish not to be honest with a girl. You just have to be natural and then when the girl discovers your charm for herself, you'll know that she's the one.

And what type of girl do you go for Ritchie?
I like girls who are nice, lovely and honest - almost like angels. But they should also have a bit of a cheeky side to them too! So I really like a combination of angel and devil!

J, we've heard you reckon you can smell a beatiful girl from 20 paces.
So what do they smell like, then? They just smell really natural and fresh... and sexy!

What's your idea of good, clean fun, boys?
Going fishing. Racing worms is great too! [Huh?] Oh, then after that you can all throw each other in the water! That's fun! [Err, rightio!]
Sean: Just doing normal things is fun for me. Like going out to nightclubs. Sometimes writing a song can be the most fun I can have.
Scott: Like the simple things as well, like going bowling or out to a restaurant. They can be a good laugh! Winning awards can be pretty good fun too!
Ritchie: When I was 16 I was always hanging around in pubs - that was my life! Now I like to relex more and do things like watch videos, go out for dinner, or just hang out with friends.

If you were a girl, which member of Five would you go for?
J, 'cos he really cares for his body. He always trims his fingernails and he always smells really good. He has also a huge range of aftershaves, and he basically just look realy manly. I even saw him naked once. And I've got to say, it was pretty incredible!
J: I would probably go out with myself 'cos I don't know how the other guys treat girls. I have respect for girls, and when I'm with a girl I do everything I can to make her feel comfortable and happy.
Sean: It's too difficult to imagine your friend from a girl's point of view. Therefore, I'd have to choose myself, 'cos I'm reasonable, loyal and careful. I also tend to look for a girl with the same sort of character as me.
Scott: I reckon at first I would fall for J, 'cos he's really good looking - everyone says so. But in the end I'd fall for me because if you know me, you'll know that I'm a very sensitive guy. Nobody would fall in love with me because of my body, so I just hope people can see through all that to my personality.
Ritchie: I'd fall in love with me, because I like people who are just like me - which I guess make sense really, doesn't it?!

If you only had $2 left in the whole world, what would you spent it out for?
I'd buy a copy of TV HITS, so I'd know exactly what was going on in the world of pop!
J: I'd make some phone calls to the pepole I love, like my parents, my sisters and my nephew.
Sean: If I lived on the streets, I'd buy a cup of coffee. And if there was another homeless guy around, I'd buy him one too.
Scott: I'd spend a little bit of it on each of the people I love.
Ritchie: I'd buy a packet of little cola-bottles. Then I'd get half a litre of milk, 'cos I can't live without my cuppa!

What are your philosophies on life?
You've got to enjoy life to the full, 'cos every day you create memories you can always look back on. You've also got to do things that you might regret doing afterwards. I know it sounds funny, but it's better to regret doing something then to not have done it at all.
J: Life's too short to take seriously. There's no point being here unless you're having fun. So, enjoy every moment!
Sean: Live from one day to the next. Don't plan too much in advance, 'cos you never know what's around the corner.
Scott: Be nice to people you meet when you're successful, 'cos you may see them again when you're down on your luck.
Rich: When I was 11 my drama teacher gave me one piece of advice - if you can dream of something, then you can do it. He was right, 'cos I'm a member of 5ive now!