Lads Night In

Fancy yer chances on a cosy night in with the bad boys of pop? Here goes, then…

What take-away would you get for a lads' night in?
A Chinese…
J: …from a place called Wok Away around the corner.
Rich: Wok Away has the nicest Chinese food I've ever tasted! I think we keep that place in business. We're in there nearly every night!
Sean: We get about four starters between us and about 4 or 5 main courses and share them.
J: And about four cans of Coke each - one for when we're eating, one for when you're watching telly, one for in bed and one for the morning!
Scott: Nah, you've got to get kebabs from an Essex kebab shop - I'm tellin' ya, that's where to go!

Have any of you ever had a fight at home?
We tend to get a bit giddy now and again. It's usually me and Rich having play fights. I toss him to the side like a piece of scrapwood!
Sean: But I have to say, last night I started on J but he bottled it! He had to do some washing and he had a cup of hot milk in his hand, and we started shoving into each other and I chucked a load of water on him…
J: …and it soaked me, the curtain, the counter and the floor, but I couldn't do anything 'coz I had this cup of scalding hot milk in my hand!

Who was the shyest when you first moved into your house?
Abs was quiet to start with, but he opened up straight away and that was it then - we were off!
Rich: I was a bit unsure of myself as well.
Sean: Yeah, you complained a lot about the noise. I think his mum had told him to make sure he got lots of sleep!
Rich: It was only the first night! I was worried I wasn't going to get on with them 'coz I know I'm not quite normal. Why aren't I normal? I dunno, really. I don't think anyone's quite normal, are they?

Do you ever invite girls round to your house for the evening?
To tell you the truth, I wouldn't want a female coming round to the house. I mean, you can guarantee that when they turn up the place is gonna look like a bomb's hit it, so you'd spend the whole evening apologizing for it!
Sean: It's definitely a lads' house. We never get round to tidying it up and all we've got is a huge telly and loads of CDs. We haven't even bothered to put any pictures on the walls. Any geezer who came round would think it was a great house, but I don't think girls would like it much.
Scott: Well, I've got a lot of female friends so I have the girls round as well as lads - it's cool!
Abs: That's so boring! Then we all end up having a game of dominoes.
Scott:< We do! And we go bowling.
Abs: I'm done at bowling - I'm much better than Scott.
Scott: Abs: Yeah, but that's my style, innit?! Just let the ball drop.

Who's usually the first one to go to bed?
Ummmm…we all go at the same time, don't we?
J: Yeah. Even if you know it's sensible to go to bed 'coz you've got a travel or something in the morning, you stay up because you think you're missing out on something!
Sean: I couldn't go to bed and hear them all downstairs without me. I've never done it once since I moved in.
Rich: I've done it a couple of times, but when you get up in the morning and they're all going, 'What about when we were talking last night!' or, 'What about when that happened!' you wish you'd stayed up!
>Most lads are obsessed with computer games - are you?
Um…yeah, I suppose we are. A few months ago we were meant to be buying clothes, and I said to Sean, 'Why don't we buy an N64 between us?' so we did. We took it home, started playing on it at seven that night and didn't finish 'til eight the next morning!
Sean: We didn't realize how late it was - we opened the curtains and it was blazing sunshine!
J: Golden Eye is my favorite game - five can play at the same time so we all sit there shooting each other.
Abs: We play fighting games and the winner stays on all night!
Scott: I like a bit of Tomb Raider on the Playstation. We play cards a lot, too. We have a good laugh playing cards - we either have the music on or The Box, MTV or something like that.

Do any of you ever cook dinner?
Rich used to do it the most - he used to get all excited and go to the supermarket and buy salad and stuff. But it didn't last very long cos it's easier to go to Wok Away!
Rich: You just don't get the time. And even if you buy food it just goes off cos we're hardly ever there - you have to go to the shop every time you want to cook!
Sean: I heat up some beans sometimes or make a Pot Noodle!
J: I get a Shape yoghurt and some ham, bread and fresh orange if I go to the supermarket.
Scott: Well I cook a wicked pizza.
Abs: When my cousin came over we used to cook stuff like fried eggs and chips, but now…Y'know what? You're gonna have to come round to my flat when I do it up and I'll cook you a lasagne. Me and Danielle have got this don recipe for lasagne-mmmm!

What's your special ingredient?
Ah ha - nope, sorry!

Who cleans up in the morning after a lads' night in?
Probably J.
J: I can't get comfortable if I come in and there's cans and plates and cups all over the place, so I have to ship round and clean it up.
Sean: No one could imagine the state our house gets into, let me tell you!
Rich: I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and more responsible…
Sean: …no, I don't think it's that Rich…
Rich:…but before I joined the band my mum used to go on at me all the time about the state of my room, but now I can't stand leaving things in a real mess!

Have you got a pair of slippers you put on after a hard days work?
I've got a pair of Totes Toasties!
J: So have I! A black pair with white on the bottom - I love them. I did have a pair of slippers when I first joined the band but I've lost them. They were like a giant pair of trainers!
Rich: I remember them, they were funny. I had some beer can ones the same!
J: I'd like to have a nice pair of slippers waiting inside the front door when I get home!
Abs: I've got a pair of Taz slippers - I got 'em from Tesco. They're the big ones where you put your feet in Taz's mouth. They're really cool, really comfy and they stink, too!

Who was the first person to christen your house by throwing up in it?
It must have been you, Sean!
Sean: I think it was Rich.
Scott: It was, outside in the drive!
Rich: I was really ill, it was horrible…

Do you all have a favorite chair?
Pretty much, yeah. We've got a big front room with half of it sectioned off with the settee. Sean always goes in the chair near the patio doors, I'm right next to him on the two-seater with my food up and Rich hogs the three-seater and stretches out!
Sean: And if anyone else comes round they have to sit on the floor!

Do you sit and chat to each other?
Yeah, it's a lot of chat and a load of laughs. Once it was just me, Scott and J, and we were running around shouting. We were walking round the room taking the mickey out of Rich and it was excellent!
Scott: What about the ice cream?
Abs: What ice cream?
Scott: C'mon, you must remember the ice cream!
Abs: Oh yeah!
Scott: I made mash with beans and ketchup in one bowl and ice cream in another, at one in the morning.
Abs: It was one of those instant mashes, though! Urrgh, it makes me feel sick - let's not talk about it!
Scott: We were eating the mash, dried up pizza and chocolate ice cream - all at the same time.
Abs: We were on a binge, big time!

Do you practice routines at home?
We haven't got the energy by the time we get home. We unplug the phone and turn all our mobiles off as soon as we get in. We don't even use the answer machine coz we'd never listen to the messages.
Scott: We did practice the routines once, though!
Abs: Oh yeah - we'd been really slack so we practiced in the living room! We only just fit in!

Have you ever had an actual party?
No, but we're always talking about getting our mates from home down so they can all meet each other.
Scott: One night we had these girls round, and these handbangers came in the back door - they didn't take their shoes off or anything! We were like, 'This is not a party.' I was like, 'Headbangers, out!'

If you spill something on the carpet at home, do you clean it up straight away?
Some of us clean it up and some of us stand there panicking, saying 'What should I do, what should I do?'!(looking at Sean!)
Sean: I panic cos I think it's going to soak in and stain and I don't know where the cloths are.
J: And we end up cleaning it up for him!