Keeping Their Cool!
[Smash Hits AUS ISSUE - February 2000]

For over a year these five bad boys have been rocking our world and gracing the cover of Smash Hits Australia! Now, as they enter the millennium, Five cool down with Smash Hits in an exclusive interview and a photo shoot that'll make you sweat! Turn up the heat and enjoy…

What really stresses you out?

I get stressed by little things, like my mum moaning at me that my room's not tidy. When I'm in hotels I'm really tidy but I'm really messy at home and she moans about it.
Does being a star ever get too much?
Yeah, sometimes you wake up in the morning and think, oh, I wanna die. But then there's days like this when you wake up and go: Yes, I'm gonna do a photo shoot with Smash Hits!
Do you ever think about leaving Five?
I've thought about it but I just live day-to-day and take it as it comes. You never know what's gonna happen. I don't think: First I'm gonna make a film, then I'm gonna do a duet with Rich!
How do you chill out?
I like to watch fish! I used to have goldfish but my cousin did a Michael Jackson spin and kicked the tank over. The fish fell out and I was running around yelling, "Pick up the fish." They all died.
If we gave you a whole week off what would you do?
I might go to Ireland with my mum to see my family and then come back and just hang around with my cousin. I'd have to stay at home cos I wouldn't have any money left after my holiday.
What makes you laugh?
I've been laughing a lot lately. I don't laugh that easily but I like it when people tickle my stomach. When they do that - I'm in bits!

What really stresses you out?

Life. Why? It just does! We work really hard so I get tired and that stresses me out. So does not seeing my family.
Do you mind that people think you're moody?
Umm, people say that I'm not really interested in them, but they don't know me. I can only talk to people when I know them and feel comfortable with them.
Do you ever want to leave Five?
Yeah, sometimes. We've all gone through it but all you need is a day off and then you're fine. It usually happens when you're really tired and it all gets a bit too much.
What relaxes you?
I used to play PlayStation but we've just bought a Nintendo 64 for the house. We play a game called Goldeneye. One night, me and J stayed up till 8am playing it.
If we gave you a week off what would you do?
I'd go and see my family. The last time I had two weeks off I went on Holiday with J - it was too much hassle to go to Leeds, so I didn't get to see my family. I'd like to just go home and see my family and just chill out.
What makes you laugh?
Err, what a weird question! Lots of things make me laugh, like Men Behaving Badly (Pommy TV show). I love that. We all have a laugh in the band but particularly me and J. We're addicted to playing Nintendo.

What stresses you?

Disorganization. We need people around to take the pressure off us - if that doesn't happen, it really agravates me.
Do you get stressed when Five get slagged off by other people?
Nah, I just let them do it. To be honest you don't get that much nastiness. It probably sounds a lot worse than it is.
Do you ever think about leaving Five?
Not soon, but I've got ambitions! I'd like to be in a film and eventually go solo. I want to learn languages, kung fu, surfing, how to fly a small plane and be able to cook - really cook.
How do you relax?
I love holidays. I also like girls stroking my hair and tickling my chest!
If we gave you a week off…
I would take my family to Disneyland. My nephew Robert has always wanted to go and I promised him I'll take him.

What stresses you out?

I got really stressed the other day. Abs came round my house and my mum and dad were trying to embarrass me by showing him adverts I've been in. So I dived at the video to turn it off and my mum grabbed me and my new neckchain broke. I've never been so stressed in my life
Is there anything the other lads do that stresses you out?
Rich used to constantly run his hand through his hair! And J and Sean can be really loud. I know I can be too, but when I'm tired, that annoys me a little bit too.
If we gave you a week off what would you do?
I'd probably go away with my family or a couple of mates and have a laugh. I might take a leaf out of Abs' book and go to Barbados.
When do you most need a hug?
Most of the time. I love hugs, they're great. Hugs are just the best thing. It's always nicer if you hug a girl - there doesn't have to be anything between you - just a hug!

What stresses you out?

I've always had a short temper and when we work long hours I get tired so I get narked with everything. I get really stressed out with photo shoots. I've never been the kind of person to get shy in front of a camera but I'm not like Scott who likes having his picture taken. I can't do all those poses cos I feel really uncomfortable.
Is there anything another Five fella does that stresses you?
Scott can get really annoying sometimes with all of hi singing and stupid voices! Sean annoys me a bit cos he's really lazy. But me and Sean are going to get a place together so he'll have to learn!
When do you most need a hug?
Just when everything gets a bit much with the band. Everybody gets this impression that because we're guys in a band we're out with girls every night, but that's the furthest thing from the truth.
What makes you laugh?
Sean makes me laugh a lot because we've both got a really stupid sense of humour. Rich is an amazing person to be around if he's in the right frame of mind. He will do anything to try and make you laugh, like do silly dances and funny impersonations!