taken from TV HITS (Aust.) MAY 1999

When you reach the dizzy heights of pop sucess like Sean, Abs, Rich, J snd Scott, life becomes a little, well...strange! So TV HITS threw our pals in 5ive a few weird questions to see if their heads are in the clouds!

Why do we have two nostrils instead of one?
Abs: Because when you're under water, you drown quicker with one big one- heh, heh, heh!
Scott: No, it's 'cause if you have a cold it's only one that's normally blocked up and the other isn't,so...
Ritchie: (interrupting) Yeah! That's it!It's so you can breathe through the other one!
Abs: I think that's the more sensible answer. But if you're trying to fire out boogies at people, you wouldn't be able to do it as successfully with one!
Scott: Oh, Abs, thats disgusting! (laughs) Make sure you print that Scott was digusted, please!

Do fish have ears?
Scott: Yeah!
Abs: No - they have very sensitive eyeballs!
Scott: Sensitive eyeballs?
Abs: Yeah!
Scott: But they communicate with their gills...
>Abs: What - like sign language?
Scott: Yep, thats it. You've got it!
Sean: Noooooo...they dont have ears.
J: They'd get water in then if they did!(Everyone falls on the floof with laughter for 5ive whole minutes!)

What's the best thing you can make with a potato?
Scott: You can make potato men!
Sean: Or you can make a jacket! (Boom,Boom!)
J: No the best thing you can do is power a clock! (All go into a lengthy discussion about the best way to do this!)

Why do men have nipples?
Rich: Well I know the scientific reason for this. As a foetus, we're kind of both sexes at first, then you become a male or female - that's why.
Scott: (laughing) I wouldn't mind having a fair set of boobs myself!
Abs: Yeah - I think you'd look really good with them!

What would you do if your front teeth fell out?
Rich: I'd be absolutely devastated. I don't know what I'd do. I'd like to have nice teeth and keep them for as long as possible, thank you.
Sean: I'd rush to the dentist and get him to stick 'em right back in as quickly as possible!

Which one of you guys has smelly feet?
Abs: (Without hesitation) Rich!
Scott: Yeah, big time!
Sean: Yep, its Rich!
Rich: No, you (pointing to Sean) have quite bad feet, actually. His are worst than mine!
Abs: (Jokingly) Yes but yours smell whenever you take your shoes off, regardless!
Rich: Well I admit to having a smelly foot (Ahhh, so it's only one of your feet that stinks, is it Rich?) on occasion. Hasn't everybody?
>: Sometime, but you just wash 'em, dont you? (Well, dont you, Rich?)

Finally a serious question! Whats the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Abs: Be nice to people when you're on top, as you'll meet them on the way down.
Scott: Yes, exactly the same for me.
Rich: Mine's don't believe anything you hear, and believe only half the things you see - it does make sense if you think of it. (Well Cher certainly thinks so!) Actually, the other piece of good advice I got was not to stick pencils up your nose! Did I ever do that? Well, there was one time...