Five Invades America!


Q&A with J., Scott, Rich, Abs & Sean!

While most of you are busy making up your holiday gift lists, 5ive is rehearsing for their upcoming concert tour. they plan on touring in Europe first and then, later, in America. We checked out an early New York show, where they performed at the Roxy with Ace of Base, and they blew us away! J., Scott, Rich, Abs & Sean had a busy fall that included so many TV appearances that you couldn't possibly have channel surfed without seeing them! 5ive made a name for themselves last summer with their hit song "When The Lights Go Out" and are now enjoying the success of their second single "It's The Things You Do." The smooth ballad was penned by Max Martin, the writer who brought us 'N Sync's "I Want You Back" and Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and is a hit in the making. Our personal favorite, however, is the next single "Everybody Get Up." This song is destined to become an anthem for 5ive, the way "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" did for BSB. Don't miss the video -- it rocks! Before we get carried away with our love of 5ive, we'll let them tell it to you like it is!

ALL-STARS: How do you like being in the U.S.?
J. BROWN: I like it, but everything is so different. Everything's bigger here and there's more choice in everything. I like it when I'm here, but after a while I start wanting to get back home.

ALL-STARS: What cities do you like best?
ABS BREEN: New York's cool 'cause there's loads of shops and stuff. I like L.A. a lot. Memphis was cool too. We saw where Elvis lived. I really like out of the way places.
RICHARD NEVILLE: I didn't like New York much. It's too busy, too much like London. I liked L.A. because of the sun.
SCOTT ROBINSON: I like Florida because of the water parks like Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. I've been to Florida on holiday seven times! ALL-STARS: Had you all been to America before you were in the band?
RICH: No, I'd never been here before. I always wanted to go when I was at school. A lot of my friends got to go to Disney World in Florida, and they'd come back and say, "Oh it was amazing!" and I never got to go. Over here, I think it's cool to go to Europe, and in England, it's cool to go to America.

ALL-STARS: How are American fans different from British fans?
SCOTT: They're American. They're a bit more polite. They don't say, "Get a picture with me!" They say, "May I get a picture with you?" They're not that much different though. They're all lovely.

ALL-STARS: Your song "Everybody Get Up" is number one in England. How does it feel to be on top?
ABS: It's fantastic! Whenever we play it -- it's our last song -- everyone, even boys who've been sitting down for three or four songs, get up as soon as that song comes on.
J: The crowd always goes mad for "Everybody Get Up." We want to release it as the next single here in America.

ALL-STARS: Were you prepared for everything to start happening so fast?
J.: It's all happened really quickly and it seems to grow all the time. We're out of the country a lot and every time we go back, we forget how big we are over there. It's the same way in Europe. It's just all blown up -- we're like the biggest pop band in Britain. So, what other bands took two years to do, we did in four months.

ALL-STARS: Are you going to focus on America now?
SEAN CONLON: Other bands concentrate on one area. Backstreet Boys stayed in Germany for about a year before they came to America. We don't stay anywhere for longer than three days. We haven't left Europe just to do America. We're still doing Europe.

ALL-STARS: Have you been getting a lot of fan mail?
RICH: Yeah, we get a lot now. I do try and answer personally, but there's so much, so my mom answers now.

ALL-STARS: Were you surprised that your first single, "When The Lights Go Out," was such a big hit in America?
SEAN: In England and Europe, pop music hasn't been as dirty a word. I think pop music has only recently become acceptable in America. I think pop music has only recently become acceptable in America. I think with the Spice Girls, pop really came back in America.

ALL-STARS: What kind of music do you all listen to?
J.: If it's good music, I'll listen to anything and enjoy it -- but, basically hip-hop. Rich is more into Nirvana and things like that. Scott is Mr. Cheesy Pop. He doesn't just like pop, he likes cheesy ballads.
SEAN: I'm more into R&B and soul.
ABS: R&B, soul, dance music, everything. The record company gets us CDs and I've got loads. Plus, when we're in New York, we buy more CDs than you can get in London.

ALL-STARS: How would you categorize your own sound?
J.: We're a typical pop band. We don't need to say we're R&B or hip-hop. We're not just doing ballads with our music. We add different things like rap. People have been referring to us as hip-hop and that's a joke, it has nothing to do with hip-hop. We're doing pop music and sometimes we put rap in it, but that's not hip-hop.
SEAN: If we put opera singing in it, it wouldn't be opera!

ALL-STARS: How did you all get started in music?
RICH: I was always singing as a child. There was a song that went, 'Hands up, baby, hands up,' and I used to sing that all the time when I was little. Then, I went to school and when I was four, I joined the church choir. Then I stopped doing the church thing and I started singing in rock bands.
ABS: I started singing around when I was three. I was always around music. Me an my cousin Izzy, we were trying to make a band when I was about eight. I played the keyboard and we tried to write our own songs.

ALL-STARS: How has your family reacted to your success?
SCOTT: They are so happy for me. My mom has, from day one, from the first article in the first British magazine or newspaper, she rips them out. She can't stop now! She's spent hundreds of pounds on that and she has like a huge scrapbook.
ABS: My parents come to see us play all the time!

ALL-STARS: How have your lives changed?
RICH: I live a totally different life. Before, I was at school, singing in a band with my friends. We didn't have any serious ambitions and I knew it; it was just fun. Now, I'm traveling around the world, working every day. There's not a lot of time off and that's the down side. You do want to see your family more, and enjoy your fame and your money, and you really just don't have the time.