Teen Beat
March 1999

When you think of the Brit boy band 5ive, you probably either start humming the tune of their hit summer song, "When The Lights Go Out" or maybe, you just start thinking of how hot Abs, Rich, Sean, Scott and J are! Either way, we think you should know that there's more to this group than pretty faces and catchy songs. We hung out with 5ive the last time they were in New York, and we got a taste of their off-beat senses of humor and what they're really like. They even spilled some pretty personal stuff about themselves and each other. Check out this Q&A and you'll love 5ive more than ever!

TEEN BEAT: 5ive is not your typical pop band, is it?
J BROWN: That's what we've been trying to get across. We're not just doing ballads with our music, we add different things, like rap. People have been referring to us as hip-hop and that's a joke. We're a pop band and sometimes we put rap in it, but that's not hip-hop.

TEEN BEAT: One British magazine had some not-so-nice things to say about you guys.
SCOTT ROBINSON: I don't know what happened there. That magazine doesn't seem to like us.
J: Sometimes, it can offend people because a band will speak up for themselves. We're just normal people, so if something gets us, we voice our opinion.

TEEN BEAT: How do you guys all get along?
SCOTT: Obviously, we have our arguments. WE don't try to say, 'Oh, we never argue' because that would be false. We do argue a lot sometimes. But, we know we're friends by the end of the day. We know that we're not falling out, we'll still be friends.
ABS BREEN: We know each other very well, but friends argue. We don't get sick of each other, but yes, we get annoyed at each other every now and again -- but so do couples. I mean, we work together, we see each other a lot of the time. We get only a little time off.

TEEN BEAT: Do you share a room on the road?
SCOTT: WE used to when we first got together. But, now we all have our own rooms. We like our own privacy, so we just chill out on our own. We normally go and have meals together.

TEEN BEAT: Scott, how would you describe yourself and the other guys?
SCOTT: I can be moody. I can be really nasty and other times I can be quiet and laid back, but not that often. Rich is quite open and sensitive. He wears his heart on his sleeve. You know what he's thinking all the time. Sean is quite lazy, he's thoughtful, quiet and shy if he doesn't know someone. J is a loudmouth, says what he likes and likes what he says. He's a really nice lad, a lot of people get him wrong. A lot of people think he's loud and rude, but he just speaks his mind. Abs is quite romantic, with his girl. He loves her to bits and he'll do anything for her.

TEEN BEAT: Abs, are you the only 5ive guy with a girlfriend?
ABS: Yes, just me. We've been together for two years now -- before the band. She's from London.

TEEN BEAT: Does she get jealous of the attention you get from girls?
ABS: She's an actress, so it works out the same way. She's on a British TV show. She understands my being away all the time, and she's away a lot too. It's hard, but I think at the end of the day, everyone needs someone to love.

TEEN BEAT: What do you single guys look for in a girl?
SCOTT: I like a cute girl, someone who likes to smile. Someone who doesn't like to argue and she's gotta be nice to me!
RICH: I'd be lying if I said looks aren't anything. There has to be a physical attraction straight away -- if I see something in them. In terms of personality, I like people who can think, who can talk about the universe and what it's all about. And they have to put family first.

TEEN BEAT: Do you sometimes go weeks without seeing your families?
ABS: The longest it's been is three or four months. I try, every opportunity, if I get a night off, I go home to see my family. We miss so much of our family and friends. It's hard to explain but it's really difficult and that's the worst part.

TEEN BEAT: What's the best part?
ABS: The best part is performing, traveling the world and making the videos.