Five Are Now Four

IC Croyden (Oct 11 2006)

FIVE have reformed five years to the day they split. SHEREEN LOW met up with them.

Despite J Brown, Ritchie Neville, Abs Breen and Scott Robinson having lost fellow founder member Sean Conlon to a solo deal, they remain defiantly Five - "It's a brand not a number!" exclaims Scott.

Forgoing a Take That-style nostalgia tour to work on a new album, the foursome are still without a record deal, saying that, that way, they can have complete control.

So are they just jumping on the Take That/All Saints/East 17/Totally Boyband comeback bandwagon?

What prompted the comeback?

J: "We came back to tell everyone that we're... gay. No! We want to tell everyone that we've been away for five years and we want to come back and make more music.

"And we hope people are going to enjoy what we're going to do."

Why now?

Ritchie: "Well, why not? We've all had a bit of time out. They were crazy days back then and we were very young people.

"We've had some time out now and we were getting together to play pool and bandied the idea around but never really made the decision.

"Then one day we just went, 'Shall we do it'? We knew it was coming up to five years since we split so we thought it was appropriate."

Why no Sean?

Scott: "Well, if people remember, for Let's Dance he wasn't in the band anyway - he was a cardboard cut-out in the video - so we've done it without him before.

"But now he's not here because he's been working on solo stuff and it's going very well.

"We wish him the best and he wishes us the best. There's no hard feelings there." People might say you're jumping on the bandwagon Scott: "I don't see why people are saying that. The difference with us is that we want to make music - write a new album and sell as many records as we did last time.

"We sold about 20 million albums and we want to do that again.

"We're writing new music where we think we would be five years on and we're really enjoying ourselves.

"We've been back together for a while now and we wanted to come back and do it properly, not just do a quickie tour."

What kind of music are you going to make?

Ritchie: "Well it's five years on and we are officially men now, so the music's going to reflect that a lot.

"We've been in the studio with [former Robbie Williams songwriter] Guy Chambers and some other producers. It's been going really well."

- Thank you to Ros for this!