The Heat Is On!

[Smash Hits AUS ISSUE - November 2000]

When was the last time you got steamy?

This morning in a nice hot shower!

When did you last dice with death?
When I had my car accident a couple of weeks ago. I diced big time. I should theoretically be dead or in hospital at least. The police and rescue team were like, “You should not be walking out of this without a scratch.” It was so strange so many things crossed my mind as it was happening. You don’t realise how quickly things do flash before you. If I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt it would have been a different story.

When was the last thing you did that you wouldn’t want to tell us about?
Nothing really. Except when I moved into my new flat, put some music on and danced around my front room singing into a hairbrush to Santana and Wyclef Jean…

What has been the worst trouble you have ever been in?
I got suspended from school, which was a really big thing. I was about 17 and I got caught going down the pub at lunchtime. I was suspended for about a week and a half – my mum and dad went mad.

Is there any firestartin’ in your past?
No, but there’s loads in Abs’s…

Erm…we’ve heard a few rumours about your trouser furniture...
What? I can’t believe you’ve just asked about that! Let’s just say I’ll leave it to your imagination!

What about the rumours that you left the tour cos you were quitting Five?
Nope, I left because I was ill. I had the chickenpox and I’ve even got a few scars to prove it! Leaving Five has crossed my mind, but never seriously and only for about two minutes.

When was the last time you got steamy?

Well I got a bit steamed up watching the football on TV the other night…

What has been your hottest night out recently?
I had a BBQ at my house last Sunday and got very, very drunk. I cooked for a little while, but then I gave it up. [laughing] It got a bit hot for me.

When was the last time you had a blazing row?
A while ago I s’pose. I row a lot with the manager, but then I realise I have no reason to and I end up phoning him to apologise.

What’s been the worst trouble you have ever been in?
I did get caught doing something really bad and the police had a little word in mine and my friend’s ear. I can’t tell you what it was ‘cos my dad’s standing there making me a cup of tea and I don’t want to remind him! Let's just say it was never me, I just got in with the wrong crowd.

Is there any firestartin’ in your past?
Yes, me and Abs burnt down a hotel room. All I want to say is - it happened.

Are you getting married?
NO! People just read too much into things.

Any incidents with fans recently?
[Cheekily] How’d you mean? [Laughing] Nope, I’ve moved house and nobody knows where I live, which is the way I like it, thank you very much.

Do you ever think Five’s ‘bad boy’ image has backfired, and now people think you’re just arrogant?
It was never a gimmick where we tried to act hard. It’s just that people catch us on good and bad days. Everyone has bad moods, people in bands too. It’s not a bad thing.

When was the last time you got steamy?

It was with a girl in a club not long ago, but I’d had a few lemonades at the time.

What’s the hottest night out you’ve had?
Me and J went out the night before a photoshoot, and finished about two hours before we had to start work. We turned up in a bad state.

What’s the last blazing row you had?
I haven’t had a row for ages. I don’t fight over petty things, I only argue if it is really necessary. We have the same arguments that other bands do, except that we don’t hide it from magazines. That’s why we’ve got a reputation, but it is no big deal, is it?

What makes your blood boil?
People not knowing me and asking me to smile 24 hours a day. I get asked to smile, wherever I am, and people are always asking, “Why are you being so miserable?” I’m not, I’m just reserved.

When did you last dice with death?
We flew over Argentina, on an airline that had had a crash there earlier that week. Someone told me on the plane – I wouldn’t have got on if I’d known.

Any firestartin’ in your past?
I like a bonfire now and again, but [grinning] I had nothing to do with that fire in the hotel though!

What was this about you being sick during a show in Sydney?
Well, the song was finished and I had to run off, ‘cos I didn’t want to be sick on the stage. It wouldn’t have been a good part of the show! Someone got me a bucket, I threw up, then we performed Slam Dunk Da Funk. No problem.

And then you and Ritchie stayed up until 7am...
We just got a bit giddy. We didn’t wanna party at the very beginning, it just sorta happened

When was the last time you were burnt in love?

Just before my 18th birthday, by a girl I’d been with for years. We’d finished and got back together loads, and when we finally finished for real I thought I’d just get back with her so I could finish it and be “the man.” Very stupid, now I look back.

Any firestartin’ in the past?
I did go through a phase, when I was about nine of being entertained by fire. I wasn’t in that hotel room though. I was a few doors down. The first thing I knew about it was someone dragging me out of the room half-naked, telling me to get out of the hotel. [Looking at Abs and Scott]. I was really impressed by their behaviour.

When was the last blazing row you had?
I’ve really mellowed. I can’t remember the last time I had a fight. There’s always a botch-up around the corner with Five, but at the minute, we’re getting on better than ever.

Even when Abs tickles you?
Or licks me, I just let him get on with it.

What about your fiery temper?
I’ve always had one, and its still there, but its died down. You’re put into a totally different environment. That’s why I think we’re such good friends, we helped each other through it.

You seem to be picking fights with bands…
Not any more.

You recently told Smash Hits, “I want to shoot ‘N Sync”
[Innocently] Did I? [Laughs for ages]

You did. Why do they annoy you?
I dunno. This is where I’ve changed. Before, I’d have picked one I thought was a prat, now I don’t mind any of them.

So if you had a gun with six bullets, you’d spare S Club 7?
Let's just say I’d make them dance a little bit, hahaha. An ‘unchoregraphed’ routine.

What’s recently been your hottest night out?

I haven’t been out properly in yonks, not since we were on tour. Its all a bit of a blur now, but I do remember one night in Sweden. We went to a Transvestite club which was….. interesting. There were these big muscular women, [grinning] but you don’t know if they are nice or not ‘cos you’re looking at them thinking, “She’s kinda pretty,” and [looking confused and laughing] it’s a he!

What was the last blazing row you had?
A few weeks ago I was with my girlfriends mum and her two little sisters and these four boys where walking around us whispering “Five this…” and “Five that…”. It gets a little annoying sometimes, so I looked at them like, “What?”. And when you confront them they’re like, “Wow! You’re not meant to be like that, you’re meant to be like a little girl or something.” We got into a bit of an argument, but there were little kids involved so I left.

Last dice with death?
I’m always messin’ around and doing stupid stuff. Yesterday we were in a penthouse in this hotel and there was this really thin ledge that we were walking around on. If we fell we would have been dead, but it’s just something to pass the time when you are bored.

Last thing you did you wouldn’t want anyone to know about?
[Smirking] Probably looking at a transvestite, thinking they were nice.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?
When I was younger I got into a bit of baby trouble, hanging out with the wrong people and doing funny things with cars, but it was just a phase you go through.

Any firestartin’ in your past?
[Laughs] I’m a bit of a pyromaniac really. In fact, I nearly burnt a bush down yesterday. We were in this hotel and I was flicking matches at it, but everyone had a go at me so I had to stop. And I set a hotel room on fire in Dublin, but it was just an accident with a cigar. Look, I got a scar from it [pointing to his left wrist]. Me and fires always end up in trouble. As soon as someone sees me with matches they start to sweat. […two hours later when Smash Hits goes to light J’s b’day cake, we open a pack of matches and find that every match has already been used. “Sorry,” blushes Abs.]

How do you keep the passion burnin with Danielle?
Being the Turkish stallion that I am [laughs]. No I haven’t a clue, it s just a mutual thing. We don’t even have to work at it. It’s like, you can cook or you can’t, you make a nice cup of tea or a lousy cup of tea. Relationships are the same, it just happens. [No, we didn’t understand him either.]