Havin' A Ball With 5ive

Rugby Rugrat Sean
Believe it or not, prior to joining British boy wonders 5ive, Sean Conlon had a different life goal in mind - he wanted to hit the field as a professional player of rough-and-tumble Rugby. Ever since leeds, England-born Sean was a li'l tyke in school, he's had a passion for the Australian-originated field sport. "I have always been sporty. But I was mostly into Rugby league." Although this modest singer won't fess up, he was also very good - good enough to make a career out of playing. So what happened? "As soon as I started doing music, it just took over," Sean admits. "And you can't do music with a mashed up face and no teeth, so I gave [Rugby] up."

Slam Dunkin' Scott
According to spikey-haired Scott Robinson, nothing gets this guy's adrenaline going like a good basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and The Chicago Bulls. Take that back: Nothing gets Scott's adrenaline pumping more than playing a game of basketball in which he pretends he's a player for the Lakers or the Bulls. The 19-year-old singer from Essex, England has been in awe of this American pastime since watching it on TV- dating back to the days when he first learned to lace up his own trainers. "I used to play with my friends back home," Scott says. "I really like basketball, slam dunking that ball. But [lately] I haven't had the time." With his current gig as a member of one of the hottest music acts around, Scott may not have the time for a little-one-on-one, but he has had the oppurtunity to enjoy b-ball from the sidelines. Since spending so much time statside these days, Scott tells BOP, "I've been going to a lot of games. And I'd like to see a lot more"

Football Fanatic J
J Brown too, says his 5ive schedule prevents him from doing much more than performing such songs as "The Things You Do" from their self-titled 1998 album and making time for fans and press. But back in his pre-5ive days, this blue-eyed 22-year-old was all about what he calls football. "In high school, I was on the football team," he offers. "I would go all around and play." You could imagine what kind of shape this studmuffin was in! But since Aldershot, England-born J doesn't get to play like he used to, the only form of physical fitness he relies on now is keeping in step with the group's dance routines. Says J while hitting his hard rock abs "[The dance routines] keep you in shape!"

Absoulutely Athletic
As for Abs Breen, growing up he always divided his athletic attention between baseball and soccer. "In England we'd [gather] our baseball bats and gloves and hit them," the 19-year-old Londoner fondly remembers. When Abs wasn't smacking baseballs like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, he was playing a "Wimbley doubles" version of soccer with his best buds. "[It's] where you have one goalkeeper and you have two teams of two or three teams of two, but you're all scoring in the same goal," he says of their special soccer game-with-a-twist. According to Abs, playing soccer was just part of being English. "Every parent gets a ball for their kid," he explains. "In England, before you do anything you get a soccer ball".

Soccer-Silly Ritchie
This ball-giving tradition between parents and kids must have truly influenced Ritchie Neville's childhood in Birmingham, England because out of the five 5ivesters, he's considered the hugest soccer spaz of them all! "It's just wicked fun." the 19-year-old enthusiast gushes. "With me, I could be driving in a car and I'll see a field and I'll think, I wish I had a soccer ball." Not only does this blue-eyed dreamboat love to play the sport when time permits, he's also been known to be quite a vocal inspector. "When we were watching the World Cup and England lost everyone was like 'Oh no we've lost," remembers Sean. "But Ritchie was nearly crying! He's softer than your average bloke but nice."