'Five - Got The Feelin'?

Behind the laddish image, are Five really just a bunch of sensitive boys with deep emotional feelings? Well, not quite. But they do try, as Kelvin Caddies found out...

Do you ever get a certain 'feeling' about a girl?
Rich: There is a certain feeling that singles a girl out from the others. As soon as you see her, you think, 'She's the one!'. She really stands out in a crowd. If it's love or whatever, your heart skips a beat, you get butterflies in your stomach, you find it difficult to eat sometimes... it's all the stereotypical love stuff really.
Scott: What makes a girl stand out for me is if she's really girlish. I quite like sweet looking, young girls like Alicia Silverstone. Although she's blonde and I'm more into darker haired girls now. I think everyone carries this perfect image in their mind of what their ideal girl will look like; the girl they'd like to meet and fall in love with.
Abs: You don't stop thinking about her, she's the last thing on your mind at night, you just want to be with her all the time. All that. It's just one of those things. It's just that glowing feeling you get inside that tells you she's the girl for you.

What qualities do you look for in a potential snog partner?
Rich: The friendly type. Not too loud, but not too quiet either. A bit of both. Chalk and cheese. She can be quiet and chill out - and she can also have a laugh and be loud. Loyal's another important quality. It there's no trust, there's nothing.
Scott: I know I'll meet the girl of my dreams one day. I will meet her because I've already got my life planned out. I have, I'm telling you. I'm going to have three kids with this girl: two of them are going to be girls and the other's going to be a boy. I want the boy to be called Jordan and I want the girls to be called Courtney and Remy. All I need now is to find her.
Abs: Scott's got his whole life mapped out - me too ha, ha! I'm going to have two or three kids as well. Danielle's my first girlfriend, but I think I'll stick with her. Families aren't something you plan, though, not at my age. I'm still a kid myself.

Do you go on your instincts when you meet people for the first time?
Rich: Yes, I do. You have to go on gut feelings. My head sometimes says it's not a sensible thing to do but I can't help but go with my instincts. Every time I meet a girl I fancy my heart takes over from my head.
Scott: I can see through people - most of us in the band can, actually. It's not a gift or a superpower. We can see straight through fake people. As soon as I meet someone, as soon as I shake their hand even... I'm telling you. I can read them after two seconds. And then I'll know if I like them or not.
Abs: I don't like to make assumptions about people without getting to know them first. I like to find out what they're like. Sometimes, though, you have to go on gut feeling.

What are you like in love?
Scott: I've been in love. I know what it's like. Your heart skips a beat and you act all funny. You can't stop thinking about the girl, you phone them up even when you've got absolutely nothing to say. I'm a very jealous person in love to tell you the truth. I just can't handle a girlfriend going out with her mates - especially to clubs. If I'm in a serious relationship and I can't be with the girl 'cause I'm away with the band, I go mental. Even if I know the girl's friends, I have to ask who's going to be there - I'm terrible that way. It's not the girl I wouldn't trust, it's the other lads 'cause I know what lads are like. And I don't trust alcohol and a girl either. It's a lethal combination. Once a girl gets drunk there's no chance.
Abs: I'm still in love big time with my girlfriend Danielle - after a whole year and a half. Sometimes, when we first started going out, we'd talk in slushy baby talk - all "doo doos" and "didumms" and that. You just get on with each other and it's really nice. When you have a girlfriend there's a real connection between you: you have your own little in-jokes; you can always catch their glance across a crowded room; you can always tell what's running through their mind.

Does being a pop star mean you get lots of offers for dates?
Rich: Kind of, but they're not really the kind of females I'm looking for if you know what I mean. They want me 'cause I'm in Five rather than who I am. They don't like me because I'm me basically. Everybody says to me, "You must have all the women you want, mate... Fwhoorr, I'd like to be in your shoes!" But it's not like that at all.

Do you ever get tongue-tied around girls you fancy?
Rich: If I really like them I can be a bit shy to be honest. Everyone says they can tell from a mile off when I fancy a girl. They say I'm so obvious, but I don't think I am.
Scott: I never get tongue-tied. Sometimes I can't think of what to say, especially on the phone. I don't put on any false image. I'll go up to her and tell her she looks really nice and ask her if she'd like to go out with me.

Do you ever pretend to be something you're not?
Scott: I've done it before years ago when I've tried to put on a image. And then once you've gone out with the girl for a while, and you feel confident enough to be yourself, she accuses you of changing. That's when relationships break up 'cause the girl liked you when she first met you and now you've changed into another person.

Have you ever been dumped by a girl?
Rich: Yeah, quite a few times actually. It's a bit of a bad feeling, it leaves you demoralized, desperate and depressed. But not if you weren't head-over-heels with the girl. You just go, 'So what?'
Scott: I was 13 and she hit me. I swear to God! She really smacked me one in the kisser! I had long hair at the time and she said something about my hair and I called her a name back and that's when she whacked me one! I'd been through a lot with her and I just grabbed her but I couldn't hit her back. She deceived me, too. I don't see her any more. I would speak to her if I saw her again. I'd say, "Hi, how's it going?" But then I'd just leave it at that and walk away.

Are you the type who always bragged about what you did with a girl?
Rich: I never when into great detail. I might say, "Yeah, I got off with her last night." But I'd never go, "Yeah, she gave me this, I gave her that."

But don't best mates demand all the gory details?
Rich: Girls are just as bad as lads, mate! Actually, girls are even worse.
Scott: I don't think you'd say anything to your mates if it was a serious relationship. Of course, it might be a different story if you were to split up with the girl. Although if I was with a girl and we broke up - even if it was the worst break-up ever and she was a real bitch to me and smacked me one - I still wouldn't say anything.

Don't you talk about girls in the band?
Rich: To be honest, it's pretty much the only subject we talk about, ha ha!

What makes you the ideal boyfriend?
Rich: If I promise I'll do something, I will do it, no matter what happens. I think that's why people tend to trust and depend on me 'cause they know I won't break a promise.
Scott: A lot of girls I go out with don't realise my best qualities until the relationship is over. They only realised it when they've lost me. No matter whose fault it is for finishing a relationship, a lot of girls will realise after that a nice guy is better than a horrible guy. Though a lot of girls seem to like bad guys who argue and maybe even hit them. A lot of girls probably get bored with me because I'm just a really nice guy and I don't like to argue. It's not until later when they go out with a horrible guy that they realise they should never have left me.
Abs: I'm nutty and other times I can be really sensitive and quiet. I've never gone out with girls for one-night stands. I'm not that kind of person.

Have you ever been obsessive about a girl?
Scott: What, like Fatal Attraction? No, when my last relationship ended I was just insecure for a while. Then the girl wanted me back - but it was her who had finished it, so I wasn't playing that game.