Gimme 5IVE!

[TV HITS - November '98 AUS ISSUE]

What do you get when you throw five guys in one room for a couple of hours? Total chaos! TV HITS joined in the madness when we hung out with the guys from 5IVE!

Hey, J, we've heard you're the tough guy in the group!
No! I think the reason people see it as that is because I'm the oldest member of the band, and because I speak my mind. If I don't like something, then I'll say it! People see me losing my temper quite a bit when I get annoyed with things. (Erm, so that would make you the tough guy of the band then, wouldn't it?)
Abs: You're steel!
J: Titanium!
Abs: Aw, sorry man! (laughs)

Are you sick of people calling you a "boy band"?
We're self-employed, we wear what we want, and we say what we want. It's not like they say, "You're talking to TV HITS next, you should say this." There's none of that.
Rich: We're the same as other bands - everything's natural. That's how we go about it.

We've heard rumours, Scott, that you used to get in trouble with the police!
All the police in our area used to know me by name, and if there was any trouble, they'd always come to see me! Dad said it was my own fault because I was always so loud!

Is there a leader in the group?
(shaking his head) Uh-uh.

It looks like the TV HITS tattoos are running the show today!
(Yelling at Sean, as he tries to stick a tattoo onto his hand with J's juice!) Would you stop putting your finger into my orange juice, please!
Sean: (Yelling) I'm clean!
J: (Trying to stick the TV HITS sword tattoo onto Sean's hand) Your tattoo's not sticking! Hey, that's Sporty Spice's tattoo!
Sean: Scary!
J: (To Sean) Um, you should try the ladybird, Sean. I think it becomes ya!

If one of you ever left the group, would you change your name to Four?
No, the group would just disband. Definitely.
Sean: We got…we want…we got put…
J: (Yelling even louder at Sean) SOAK IT! (the tattoo, that is!)
Sean: Ahhh, you made me forget what I was going to say…!
Rich: We were not put together when we came into 5IVE, but we are now. So, if like, say, Sean left - well, if Sean left it'd be good, we'd carry on (laughs) - but no, if Sean left, if one of us left, it wouldn't be the same. So we'd just pack it in, call it a day.
J: Nah, you've got to soak it good…SOAK IT! Otherwise it'll come off, you tosser! No, soak it, as in saliva, not orange juice!
Sean: (Laughing hysterically) Sorry, go on!

People call you the Spice Boys…what do you think of the Spice Girls?
(Coughing) Personally, I've never listened to their music. I've only ever spoken to them on two occasions, and that was for two minutes each time, I'm not gonna say I don't like them, but I'm not gonna say I do like them.
Sean: I reckon they'd be alright. I reckon I could have a good party with them!
Abs: Um, I've never been a fan or anything.

Meanwhile, it looks like it's back to the tattoos!
(To Sean) Soak it!
Abs: It's soaked, man.
J: Soak it! Press it on!
Sean: (Rolling eyes and holding arm out) You do it!
J: You're crap, man!

Since J's the only one of you with a real tatt, are there any plans for the rest of you to get them?
I'd like to get a tattoo, definitely, but I'll have to keep it a secret from my mum!

Who are the five sexiest women in pop?
The girl from Destiny's Child, the lead singer. Beyoncé.
Scott: That's all I know.
Sean: I'm trying to think…

Oh, come on! Abs is he only one of you guys with a girlfriend…
Yeah, the other guys are all desperate!

Your fans are mad for you guys! What do you want to say to them?
(In Aussie accent) G'day!
Sean: Please support us!
Rich: We're definitely gonna do a tour, and you can see what we're all about!
J: The way we like to do things is different to other bands. A lot of bands don't have a lot of contact with the fans. We want our fans to see us in the flesh rather than just read about us in magazines. That's what we're all about, isn't it?
Scott: That's it!