Getting Down With FIVE!
[Live & Kicking]

The luscious Five lads trip the light fantastic and reveal their intimate & erm, embarrassing dancing tips to L&K...

So lads, who's the best dancer in Five?
Ritchie: I'd say Abs - it's not me! Abs is a trained dancer. He knows he's good, but he's not big-headed.
Scott: [Miffed] It's hard to say who's the best, 'cause different dancing styles suit different people!

Who's the most jelly-legged dancer out of you lot?
Ritchie: Scott! He's really rubbish!
Scott: [Very Miffed] Not when I'm performing! I'm only like that in rehearsals. I do practice sometimes.
Abs & Sean: Yeah, it's Scott definitely.
J: He can't help it. His body just moves in strange ways.

Who gets lazy when rehearsing dance routines?
Everyone except Sean: Sean! [Sean nods]
Ritchie: Sean dances, then he'll go to the corner of the room and just lean on the wall watching.
J: We're all a bit lazy when it comes to rehearsals.
Abs: Yeah, Sean gives up first. It only takes one of us to start mucking about to end a rehearsal!

Which Five loves clubbing the most?
Ritchie: Sean again! If anyone's going out you can guarantee that it'll be Sean.
Sean: I love clubbing, but you won't see me on the dance floor. I sit down in a corridor and chill.
J: I love to party, no matter how rubbish I'm feeling. I can go out every night from 9pm 'til 8am for a whole week, but I'd collapse after that!

Can you break dance?
J: I can, but I'd never dare do it in a club!
Abs: Me and J used to watch break dancing videos and make fun of them, then try to do the dances. I can moonwalk if I'm wearing the right shoes, but I can't spin on my head or anything!

Who's the best dancer in the Pop-World?
Scott: Michael Jackson.
Ritchie: Janet's good, but not as good as Michael.
Scott: I have to say, I reckon we're the best boy band dancers! N'Sync do back flips, but they only do that to impress people. They are good, don't get me wrong, but I think we have the most energy.

Would you dance to your own records in a club?
Scott: I was at a party the other day. I was dancing with a 4 and a 6 year old singing, 'Everybody Get Up', that was such a laugh.
J: No way. I'd just bow my head. I wouldn't want to be stared at. You don't want people thinking you're arrogant. I've been in a club when a Five record comes on and everyone looks at you to see what your reaction is, it's so embarrassing.

Who's the best smoocher?
Ritchie: I'm good at smooching - I love it!
Scott: I like to slow dance, but I wait to be asked.
J: I really hate it. I don't see the point. Why do you just rock from side to side?! [J demonstrates his point using Abs as a 'girl']
Abs: Actually, you're right! I've never thought of that before, but it's totally stupid!
Sean: I ain't got a clue 'cause I never go on dance floors. I'm frightened of 'em. I just stand at the back. If someone drags me on I dance for 2 seconds and then disappear! I don't know how I dance on stage in front of loads of people really.

What would be the funkiest duet Five could imagine doing?
Sean: I couldn't really see us doing a duet with anyone 'cause it's not really a Five thing. If anyone it'd be Elvis Presley, but he's dead.
Ritchie: I'd like to see Five and Jamiroquai together! That would be funky. Funnily enough, my mum used to work with Jay Kay's mum. It was years ago - his mum was an impressionist and my mum was a singer and they used to do the same clubs. They got on really well, but lost contact.
J: Five and Des O'Connor!
Abs: Five and Chumbawumba! No Five and Westlife - that'd be a great duet!