Five Get Hot!

What's it like to be in the hottest pop group around?
J: Tiring!
Sean: Not bad.
Scott: I didn't know I was!
Rich: I don't know, it's you who think we are!

Who's the hottest member of Five?
Sean: J sweats the most!
Abs: I like the way J shakes his ass!
J: Me
Scott: Me!
Rich: Me? Oh, I don't know, you tell me!

Who's the hottest girl band around?
Rich: N-Tyce
J: Destiny's Child
Abs: B*Witched
Scott: All Saints
Sean: N-Tyce

Complete this saying... "if you can't stand the heat..."
Rich: ...get out of the kitchen! (obv.)
Sean: ...go somewhere cooler.
Scott: ...stand in the shade.
Abs: ...turn down the heating.
J: ...don't set fire to yourself.

Which part of your body do you reckon's so hot it needs soaking in a big bath of icy water?
Rich: All of it, baby! I'm joking...
J: My pecs!
Abs: My right pelvic bone!
Scott: My big toe!
Sean: My privates!

What makes you reach boiling point? (In other words, what makes you really angry?)
Sean: Rich: Gas central heating
J: Ignorant people.
Abs: I hate people ignoring me.
Scott: People forgetting to cut the fat off my bacon sandwiches.

If you could have a hotline to anyone, who would it be?
J: The blonde from Destiny's Child!
Rich: Michelle Pfeiffer.
Abs: I'm not really bothered.
Sean: My mum or dad.
Scott: God.

Do you like hot curries, and if so, what kind?
J: No!
Scott: No, I never eat curries.
Sean: I like them, but not too hot.
Abs: It's the chicken tikka massala for me.
Rich: I like mine mild and tasty - butter chicken's my favourite.

How hot do you like your bathwater? And what do you put in it?
Sean: Very, very hot, please!
Abs: Not too hot, coz it takes me ages to get into it. And I always put Radox in my bath to relax my muscles and stuff.
Rich: I like my bath pretty hot to start off with, then I cool it down.
Scott: Not too hot, just a nice, warm bath with whatever's handy in it.
J: Boiling!

Have you ever been given a Chinese burn?
Rich: Yes - and it hurt.
Abs: Yes, I hate them!
J: Yeah, loads of times.
Scott: Yes, and I've given a few too.
Sean: Yes, me too!

How hot do you get in bed? (And try to keep it clean, boys!)
Abs: I don't know, I don't usually sleep with a thermometer!
Sean: I struggle to breathe!
Rich: Way past boiling point!
Scott: Believe me, it's tropical!
J: Volcanic!