Five Thrive!

Tiger Beat April 1999

They're at the top of the charts and first in your heart. which Five guy -- J, Rich, Abs, Scott or Sean -- is right for you?

Jason "J" Brown

Birthdate: June 13, 1976
Horoscope Sign: Gemini
Personality: J is, hands down, the talker of the bunch! He's always ready to give his opinon on any subject. It's part of his charm and explains why he's the leader of this crew. At 22, J is also the oldest member of the gang. "Sometimes I feel like Daddy Five 'cos I'm the one who organizes everyone," he says.
You're His Match If... You're open to anything! Despite his sense of responsibility, J is also known for being wild and crazy. "Some people think I'm completely nuts," he says with a smile. But J's not only about fun and games. He can also be mellow and totally endearing. If you're a natural girl who has a sense of spontaneity, you and J would vibe really well!

Richard "Abs" Breen

Birthdate: June 29, 1979
Horoscope Sign: Cancer
Personality: When it comes to his Five mates, spiky-haired Abs is the guy leastg likely to provoke or get involved in a fight. "I'm really laid back. If there's an argument I just sit back, even if it's a row concerning me. It seems to wind the others up!" Without a doubt, Abs is more into being happy in a mellow way. he'd prefer to expend his energy by working out or practicing his DJ skills.
You're His Match If... You can go with the flow. Also, if you're a romantic at heart, Abs is the guy for you! As Abs tells it, "I'd do anything for the woman in my life."

Rich Neville

Birthdate: August 23, 1979
Horoscope Sign: Leo
Personality: Rich is sweet and sympathetic to other people's problems. He's the guy the others go to when they've got an issue on their minds. Take one look at this shy guy's blue eyes and tender grin and you can see the soul of a kind artist. But he sometimes enjoys acting wacky with his Five buds! "I may be sensitive but I'm also one of the lads," he explains.
You're His Match If... You're down-to-earth and super nice. One of Rich's pet peeves is "big-headed people," so conceited girls need not apply! Besides being gorgeous, Rich is also easy to get along with. Just be yourself!

Scott Robinson

Spider or Curtains
Birthdate: November 22, 1979
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio
Personality: Like J, Scott enjoys talking a lot! He's also extremely funny and likes sharing a good joke with his bandmates. "I like to have a laugh," he admits. In his downtime, Scott listens to music from ska-popsters No Doubt and plays a mean game of basketball.
You're His Match If... You're energetic! Scott is always on the go, so you'd need to keep up with him! Some might even describe him as hyperactive. you can't be a couch potato when Scott's around. If you have a huge reserve of energy and appreciate chuckling at things, you and Scott would be perfect together!

Sean Conlon

Birthdate: May 20, 1981
Horoscope Sign: Taurus
Personality: The most hard-to-read member of Five is definitely Sean. He doesn't smile a lot and he rarely reveals what he's thinking -- he's Five's mystery man! However, Sean's strongest quality is his sense of determination. Anything he puts his mind to, he pretty much does! "He has strong opinions and there's no changing his mind," syas Rich. After all, Sean has been a composer and musician since the age of 13!
You're His Match If... You're into following your dreams! Since Sean's always been serious about his art, you'd have a lot to talk about if you're creative. He's a pretty private person, but we suspect that the right girl could definitely bring him out of his shell! Are you the one for him?