Take five gorgeous guys, turn them into pop stars and what do you get? Fame! Fortune! And argghhhh! - loads of screaming fans!

What's it like having a load of girlies think you're better than chocolate?
Weird, really weird. We still class ourselves as normal people, which I think everyone should. And it's really strange hearing girls saying things like, 'I love you.' When you think about it, fans are a really weird idea, but it's cool to have them!
Sean: It's part of the job, isn't' it? But I do like it (says, grinning all over his face!). The first time I had to sign an autograph was a bit odd, but now I just try and enjoy it all.
Abs: It's an experience, definitely! When you've got all these girls screaming and shouting at you and following you around it can get a bit scary. But it's nice to know you've got people who admire you so much. The downside is you can't really be left alone to just walk down the road and do really normal stuff. There's just not enough privacy. At this stage, getting recognized is weird - God knows what it'll be like when we're more famous!
Ritchie: I think it's really cool to have fans, especially if you're feeling down and fed up and tired, and you think no one cares about you - then you talk to fans and you think 'Ah someone loves me,' and it is kind of nice!
J: I just see myself as J from Warrington and I'm still exactly the same person as I used to be before I was in a pop group, so it baffles me a little bit. It's a compliment that people like what you're so much that they want to follow you and stuff, but the whole idea of fans is really, really strange.

What's the strangest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?
J: A girl turned up outside our record company with a toad in a crisp packet! I told her to go and put it back because the poor thing looked like it was about to croak - get it!
Ritchie: The toad in the crisps packet was too weird! When I asked the girl about it, she said, 'I brought it to see you because I was lonely.' We just legged it after that!
Scott: A fan came up to me and started telling me all about her problems and I just couldn't help her. I'm just in a pop band. I'm nothing special and it's strange being put on a pedestal, as if I can do nothing wrong.
Abs: At one of the first Radio One road shows I had a bottle of water that I gave to a fan. Later I heard her telling people I gave a lovely back wash! I was like. 'Woah, hold on there!'
Sean: I don't really get that many weird things done to me. I get given an awful lot of teddies, though!

Would you ever go out with a fan?
Abs: No, I couldn't - I wouldn't because it wouldn't feel right. And they might want to run around and do showbiz bit, but I just like my home comforts!
J: No, definitely not. I think the only people who would are Rich and Scott, but I wouldn't - no chance. They're all too young for me anyway!
Ritchie: Would I go out with a fan? Hmm, if the right one came along. I don't know - we'll see!
Scott: Well, I haven't got a girlfriend at the moment…but no, I wouldn't go out with a fan, because they don't like me for being me - they like me because I'm in 5ive.
Sean: I don't know. It depends what type of fan they were. I couldn't go out with anyone that had posters of me on their wall, though - that would be too weird.

Were you a fan of anyone when you were younger?
Not really, I'm not that type of person. I like people musically and in films, but I've never put poster of them on my wall or anything like that.
Ritchie: When I was about eight I was really into Bros and used to sing, 'When, will I, will I be famous?!' Then when I was about 14 I got into Pearl Jam and had their posters all over the wall.
Abs: I was into Michael Jackson - big time! I was in love with him. I used to do the singing, the dancing, everything. Even nowadays when I hear a Michael Jackson track I just have to get on the dance floor!

When you're on stage performing does all the screaming put you off?
No, it only makes it better. It gets you up so that you say, 'Yeah, come on!' It's really cool!
Scott: It scares me, a bit, really! It's not so much the screaming, it's when they get up close and try and rip me earring out, or they want to touch my hair or try and pull my necklace or my bracelets, it hurts!
Sean: Screaming fans? They're just part of the whole thing, aren't they!
Abs: If it wasn't for the screaming it would be totally weird. I'm not being arrogant or anything, but if you came on stage and the fans weren't screaming it would be really scary!
J: Sometimes it's so loud your ears are just ringing, but fans get your adrenaline going and you just perform so much better when there's a really big reaction.

Who would you like to be your fan?
Whoever. No one in particular. Whoever likes the music. It would be fantastic it Michael Jackson liked our music, yeah, as if!
Ritchie: Michelle Pfeiffer - yes please! I love her. She looks classy and that's the type I like!
Scott: I'd like my mum to be my fan, nobody famous, I don't believe in getting starry eyed about anyone. There's not many people in the world I'd meet and think, 'Wow, that's so and so,' because everyone's just human underneath it all. I'd just like people to respect what I do, but not be fanatic about it.

Tell us what your typical fan is like.
She's called Louise, she's about 14, she's got shoulder length brown hair and she likes teddies.
Scott: She's probably called Jo and she's 14, gorgeous, intelligent and cold. All our fans are cold because they hang around outside the record company all the time!