Everybody Get Up!
[MG Magazine - unknown date]

Five always up for an interview - even when they're in bed Down Under. Kelvin Caddies gave the lads a call in Australia and said...

So what are you like getting up out of bed in the morning? (as if we had to guess)
Scott: I'm like a bear with a sore head in the mornings. I'm famous for napping in between shots at photoshoots. When I'm back at home on our rare days off, mornings just don't exist for me. I sleep until at least.
Rich: I'm terrible at getting up as well. I only ever get a good night's sleep when I go back to my mum's in Birmingham and sleep in my own bed.
Abs: I'm not bad actually. I tend to somersault out of bed. I don't like tea or coffee so I don't get moany and groany with the old, "I need a cup of coffee before I wake up" morning ritual.
J: I'm quite good at getting out of bed, probably because I'm not good at sleeping. I can't bear lying there awake - my mind alive - so I get up. I get the others up too!
Sean: It takes someone shouting loud in my ear to get me out of bed. J's usually the one that does it! Sometimes he lies to me. He'll be like, "Sean, it's seven o'clock. We're leaving for the airport in 20 minutes. Come on, everybody's waiting for you". I'll tear about the house getting myself into the right state. Then J will go, "It's OK, mate, chill out. We're not leaving until eight. I've fallen for that a few times now. What I really need is an alarm clock by my bed.

What's the weirdest dream you've had recently?
Scott: I don't dream much - but I do snore! Ask Rich about his sleepless nights sharing hotel rooms with me!
Rich: I had a really 'saucy' dream about Dannii Minogue the other night - but you could only print it in a top shelf magazine, if you know what I mean.
Abs: I just passed my driving test. The night before I dreamt that I had passed. When I woke up I knew I was going to pass - and I did!
J: I have a recurring dream that my teeth are falling out and I've got to go to see the dentist. It's horrible.
Sean: I had a nightmare not long ago. I dreamt that I was being attacked by zombies; they were green with bits of skin falling off. Not a very nice experience.

When was the last time you went on a lads' night out with your mates?
Scott: I'm a true Essex lad! I love nothing more than hooking up with my mates and hanging out in Essex. The lads don't treat me any differently even though I'm in Five.
Rich: My two best mates are my brother Dave and my mate Wills. I went home a couple of weeks ago and we all went clubbing and had a great time. My mum's got a pub and we've had quite a few lads' night out there too.
Abs: Any free time I have I spend with my girlfriend. I've never hung out with a gang of lads - except the rest of Five, of course. And lets be honest, you can't get any more laddish than that.
J: I've lost touch with a lot of my old school friends. My dad was in the army so I lived all over the world. One of my closest mates is one of our producers - Herbie - who lives in Sweden. When we hook up we have a real rave. I love clubs in Stockholm. They're really chilled out and stay open until seven in the morning. But Warrington will do me as well. I'm a real party animal.
Sean: It's been ages since I saw me mates - but being in Five is like having your best mates with you all the time. I'm closest to J and we go out together quite a lot. I don't like going out just for the sake of it - but I do like to party.

What would you change about yourself?
Scott: I'd like a bit more meat on my bones, but I'm so hyperactive that I burn off everything really fast. I'm not good at being self-critical - so I'm going to be.
Rich: I'd like to worry less I'm always fretting about something! I've tried to get better - but I think I'm getting worse. Physically, I'm not too concerned about anything. We have a new tour manager who makes sure we do our press-ups and sit-ups - we're all noticing the differences.
Abs: My hair is a bit mad, it won't calm down. It grows up in a fuzz and is so thick that I need half a pot of gel before it gets in order.
J: I'd like to get back in shape. I used to do bodybuilding, but I don't have the time now. I'm happy with myself because I'm unique!
Sean: I really don't think I'm very good looking. I'm not bothered by my appearance at all, which the other lads in the band find weird.

Describe yourself in five words.
Scott: Busy, noisy, boisterous, confident, fun.
Rich: Emotional, open, happy, sensitive, friendly.
Abs: Indecisive (very), easy-going, playful, romantic.
J: Misunderstood, fair, charming, male, stubborn.
Sean: I, can't, possibly, do, that. (Those are his five).

Who are your top five snogtastic babes?
Scott: We never agree on girls, our tastes are all different. Alicia Silverstone is my top babe. I like girlie girls. I can't think of another four, though. Not off-hand.
Rich: That's a hard one! I like older girls: Michelle Pfeiffer, Cameron Diaz, Dannii and Kylie, Natalie Imbruglia. She's tops! I was trying to flirt with Natalie at our record company Christmas party. I wasn't very successful though. (Well she was snogging Mr lurve-pump-in-leather-trousers, Lenny Kravitz).
Abs: I don't have a babe list. I like girls with green eyes and blonde hair and not too tall.
J: I just love women. I don't have any favourites. I'm easy!
Sean: I like girls who are quite plain and don't wear a lot of make up.

Can you see yourselves getting married like Boyzone and still being together as a band?
Scott: Family is really important to me and one day I would like to be a dad. Marriage is a long, long way off right now. Doing this, I wouldn't have the time to devote to a wife and kids. I'll wait until I retire...probably when I'm 25!
Rich: I can't imagine being married at the moment. Hey, I'm only 18! To be honest, I can't see myself being married and being in Five; but who knows, if the right girl came along...
Abs: I think I could do it, but I don't want to just yet. I mean you haven't seen the statistics on teenage marriages!
J: I'm the oldest member of the band, so I'll probably be the first to 'do it', but I haven't chosen a victim yet!
Sean: That's not something I've got in my head around yet. I just can't see it. Besides, we're nothing like Boyzone!

Do you live for the day or plan for the future?
Scott: It's hard to plan for the future in the record industry, but I do have plans...
Rich: I live for the day, but I do worry about the future.
Abs: I agree with Rich. I live for the day, but it's hard to plan for the future. Overall, I'd like to be successful.
J: I have grand plans for the future. But in case I change my mind - or things don't work out - I won't share them.
Sean: I know that I'll always be involved in music, that was always my plan, it always will be. I'll probably move into the production side. As long as I get rich and enjoy myself.