5ive On Their Way To Denmark
[interview, Frikvarter April 2000]

Danish band Juice have just gone on a European-tour with 5ive, until 21st April. And although, you could think so, it's not just to play music... "It's a bit like school-trips. Of course we have to work, but there has to be space for fun, Ann explains. The girls aren't ashamed to admit that they like the guys. "It's a cool boyband. The Backstreet Boys are good as well, but Five have more "partytracks". There's no deeper meaning in the songs, but they are really cool. And they like to party, so we are going to have a good time", said Maria, when Frikvarter met the three girls an afternoon before leaving. The popular guys from Five have become really successful recently, but Juice clearly remember the time when none of the bands made it to the front-pages on magazines.
"We went to a show with them in Holland two years ago, where fans showed up, to see stars like BSB and Peter André, and then Juice and Five were just standing in a corner. It was so embarrassing, and those who came over to get an autograph just came over because they knew we were famous. They just didn't know us! And now we are going to play two sold out concerts with them this year. It's a bit comic", laughs Maria. As the support-act Juice will be put in the same hotel as Five, but that doesn't mean that they'll get to spend a lot of time together. "You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of time with them. When we were on tour with 911, we didn't spend much time with them, but instead made good friends with another support act. It was also on that tour we met Eve", Maria explains.

How close Juice and Five will get on the tour is unknown, but J has twice revealed to Frikvarter that he and Maria used to go out. Five's record company has also confirmed it. Something Maria has never wanted to admit. Frikvarter: J has told us twice that... "J hasn't said anything to you...! I haven't been with J. I asked him what he had told you, and he said to me: "Maria, like I would say something like that, even if it was true. I'm not that stupid! It would also be quite embarrassing to go on tour together then, right?" Maria laughs.

Whether or not J and Maria used to go out, Juice intend to find out why the Backstreet Boys always take off their T-shirts on stage, but Five never does it. "We have heard it's because they don't work-out and they have beer-bellies", the girls laugh and continues... "No, sorry. That's not fair to the fans to say something like that. Just write that we will tell you if it's true or not when we come home. We have heard they work-out, just before a tour, so maybe the beer-bellies are gone now.