Breaking Up & Making Up:

How do guys really feel?

Don't let the SMOOTH moves, slick DEMEANOR and Dreamy harmonies fool you. The MEMBERS of ENGLAND'S hot new soul/rap/pop act FIVE experience BROKEN hearts just like the rest of us. Here, they bare all (well almost) about falling in LOVE, getting dumped and picking up the PIECES.

Describe your worst breakup ever.
My first girlfriend and I used to argue all the time. If I got annoyed, I'd tell her it was over and storm out of the house. Then she'd follow me and we'd make up. It was always me ending it. But a week before my 18th birthday, my girlfriend ended it. When I called her to make up, she really stuck to her guns and didn't want to get back together. It really, really killed me because I'd been with her for 4 years.
Abs: I'm still with my first girlfriend and we've never broken up.
Sean: I was going out with this girl for a long time. I was really into her, but then I went on a trip and met another girl. When I went home, I couldn't treat her the same. I didn't tell her about the other girl, but I think she just knew.
Rich: I'd just turned 17 and had been going out with this girl for about a year. She was my first love. Then she went away to Greece and met someone else. She broke my heart big time.
Scott: My girlfriend broke up with me when I went away to record with the group. She couldn't handle not being able to see me.

Why do you think she dumped you?
We were arguing too much and she couldn't take it anymore.
Scott: Most girls seem to like horrible guys. I'm a nice person and I'm not going to change for any girl.
Rich: It's true. Women like jerks. I used to be so nice to my ex-girlfriend, and she'd just start arguing for no reason. Often, when you're in love, people play games. Why can't it just be like: I love you and you love me, so let's just be nice? But now she tells me no one treats her nicely as I did.

Would you get back with her now?
Never. She ruined everything. Besides, I see other people now. But I'll always hold a special place in my heart for her.
J: I have a soft spot for my ex, but we know it wouldn't work out if we got back together.
Rich: Now my ex is actually one of my best friends. We get along really well, but it took about 4 months to be friends again.
Abs: If I did break up with my girlfriend, I wouldn't talk to her ever again.

What would be the last straw for you in a relationship?
If she slept with another guy.
J: Anything to do with another guy, it's just over straight away. Even if I found out she didn't do anything but was thinking about it.
Abs: If you didn't love her or she didn't love you anymore.
Scott: Too much complaining. Usually that means the relationship isn't working out, and it's time to just end it.
Rich: Yeah, there's no point in hanging on. If you know it's finished...
Scott: ...don't drag it out.
Rich: If they're really into you and you know that it's not for you, you need to be honest. Obviously it's not fair to stay with that person.
J: You know all those times when you say it's over but you know deep in your heart it isn't? There comes a time when you just know. You say it's over, and you actually mean it.

Which is better, breaking up in person or on the phone?
My girlfriend and I broke up over the phone. I don't think it really matters. If you're breaking up, just break up.
Abs: Not the phone! If you're in a relationship for six months or so, then you ought be able to do it face-to-face.
J: If you've been with someone for a long time, you should do it in person. Once I had to do it by phone because I was on tour. It was awful.
Scott: My girlfriend broke up with me on the phone, and I've done it too. I was dating this girl and I realized I didn't really like her, so I just did it. I don't think it matters.
Rich: No way! It has to be face to face.

What's the longest you've been broken up and then gotten back together?
I went out with this girl when I was about nine. She was the first girl I ever kissed. Five years later we started dating again.
J: Four or five months.
Scott: The girl I've been talking about, we used to break up and get back together all the time. The longest was three days and the shortest about 15 minutes.
Rich: I first went out with this girl who dumped me when I was 11. We got back together five years later.

What made you want to get back together?
As soon as I saw her I just felt all warm inside and I knew.
J: I just missed her. I can see myself having a little something with her at some stage in life. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget her.

Have you ever cried over a breakup?
Oh yeah, buckets.
Abs: No, because I've never broken up, but I've cried when I missed my girlfriend.
J: Yes.
Scott: Yeah, big time.
Rich: Definitely.

Can you be friends with ex-girlfriends?
When you break up, you always say you'll try to remain friends, but you can't. It's too hard. Especially if I see her with another guy. It makes me feel a bit small because I'm not going out with her; someone else is and she looks happy.
J: I've only maintained a friendship with one ex.
Sean: But it's not like your friends, is it?
J: Well, no. It's just that I can phone her up anytime and have a deep conversation, but it's not in me to stay friends. It hurts too much.
Scott: If I couldn't have her as my girlfriend, I wouldn't want to be friends. I'd probably get jealous of her going off with other guys.
Rich: Initially, I felt exactly the same, but after time passed it was fine. I just want her to be happy.

Have parents (hers or yours) ever contributed to a breakup?
None of my girlfriends' parents have ever liked me. They thought I was a delinquent. I think when I broke up with my last girlfriend, her parents were part of the reason. Her dad was hassling her because he didn't want her to see me.
Abs: My girlfriend's dad is Turkish and thought she should marry a Turkish guy. But we knew it was right and stuck together.

Would you ever date one of your friends' ex-girlfriends?
You don't get near friends' ex-girlfriends. Its an unwritten rule. If any of friends ever do that to you, they get one of these [shakes his fist].
Sean: And they're no longer a friend.
Scott: No change. I wouldn't feel right going out with a girl knowing my friend had been with her.
Rich: No, but once I had this best mate offer to sort out an argument I was having with my girlfriend at a party. He was gone for ages. Then when he came back, he couldn't look me in the eye. I knew he'd been messing around with my girlfriend, so I took him outside.

What's your best tactic for making up?
You ring her up and tell her all your feelings, genuinely and truly. Buy her a necklace and some flowers.
Abs: It's best to make up before the night's over.
J: I'd go to her house with loads of flowers-roses and things like that.
Rich: I would do whatever it takes - buy her flowers, special things - all the noble things.
Scott: No flowers. I'd just say, "I really like you and if there's any chance you still like me, then let's sort it out." I'd just leave it all that and go away. If she wants me, she'll come round.

What's the best thing about making up?
It's when you think you might be finished, then everything gets sorted out. Then there's that big hug afterward.
Rich: Just hugging and kissing. It's more about taking the weight off your shoulders.