Bezzie Buddies

Who's be the first Five lad to step up to the karaoke mic?
Abs: Scott tell' em!
Scott: Yeah, It's probably me actually! I got sent back to a hotel once when we were in Australia. I got up on the mic and sang this song Let there be Cuckoos and our tour manager, Rob, told me to go back to the hotel and lie down, immediately!

Who struts around the most, half-naked?
Scott: We all walk around in our boxer shorts when it's just us 'cause we don't care. But if there's other people around no one struts around with that 'look at me' attitude.
Abs: J takes his top off first! But that's only 'cause he sweats a lot and he likes to cool down!

If someone didn't know you were a pop star, would you flaunt your fame?
Rich: I'd only saw what I do if they asked. If people ask us about the band we're quite low key about it!

Who's the biggest show off in Five?
J: 'Cause we're all highly-competitive, we all try and show off in front of each other - so no one's really worse than anyone else.

Who's the life and soul of the party and perks the others up?
Scott: It depends what kind of mood everyone's in. Sometimes it'll be me, sometimes J or even Sean.
Sean: Yeah it is either me or J but then Abs comes out a lot more now! It couldn't be Scott and Rich 'cause they don't like going out that much.

So which Five boy cares least about being hip and cool?
Rich: Scott just does things without thinking. J will turn around to Scott and tell him that everyone is looking at him thinking he's a prat, but Scott says that he just doesn't care! That's just the way he is.
Sean: Yeah, Scott's not interested at all!

Who carves the most attention?
Scott: I don't know about craving attention but a lot of people give me attention when we're away 'cause they know I miss home so much.

If you were trying to impress fans and your parents turned up, who'd be the most embarrassed?
Scott: Abs would probably be embarrassed 'cause he's quite shy. He'd probably just keep apologising about everything.

Who puts you in your place when you're being out of order?
Abs: No one person, really - we tell each other 'cause we all look out for each other.
J: Anyone's who's ever tried to do it has just found it's backfired really! Our tour manager, Rob doesn't tell us off - he's as bad as we are!

Who wears the most outrageous clothes?
Rich: We've all got out individual styles and we like to look different. But I reckons it'd have to be Abs who wears the weirdest clothes.
Abs: I just do whatever comes natural - I don't really think about it or try to be trendy or anything. I don't walk down the street with a bowl or anything. I don't put it all on. What's a bowl? Oh, it's a walk innit. Lads sometimes walk with a bowl.

If you met the queen, who'd speak and who'd pinch the queen mum's bum?
Scott: It'd probably be me pinching the Queen mum's bum! Ha ha! No, I don't think I'd really pinch her bum I'd just go up to her and say 'Alright love, how ya keepin'?'
J: I'd probably go up and say 'I wouldn't trust the other royals if I were you, love!' I might grab the queen mum's bum while I'm chattin' to the queen - make it memorable occasion. Why not?
Rich: I'd do the speaking as J and Sean would be a little bit rude 'cause they're not into that sort of thing.

Which celebrity girl would turn you all shy?
Rich: None 'cause I can give as good as I get. Although when I first met Billie.
Abs: We're not shy naturally! Even if Madonna or Janet Jackson appeared we wouldn't be shy!

Who's the loudest Five geezer?
Rich: J's got the loudest laugh, the loudest shout. He's even got the loudest whisper!

Who would find it hard to live life out of the spotlight?
Rich: I think it's probably me 'cause I've got aspirations and dreams. I think Scott might find it a bit difficult, but then he does love being at home as well as being the centre of attention.
Sean: I think it'd be Scott 'cause he loves performing and the attention so much.

Have you got any party tricks that we don't know about?
Abs: Scott puts his necklace through his nose and pulls it out of his mouth! It's well nasty! It's disgusting! I've got a few party tricks, but they're hard to explain. No, it's not handstands... that's easy. I mean, things that'd really astounds everyone! It's really, really good and it involves matchsticks!
J: I can turn my eyelids out and do a weird thing with my upper lip, that's what I look like every morning, ha ha!

So, finally, who's gonna be the first brave boy to do nude spread in a magazine?
Sean: Not me! I just couldn't do that sort of thing. No way!
Abs: I reckon Rich would probably get down to the bare essentials at some point. Give it a few years when he's hard up for cash and I reckon he would!
Rich: None of us would ever pose naked! Even if it was for money 'cause we're just not that type. We tend to think it's a bit sad when people find it necessary to take their tops off to tell records or make money.