Bad Boys Are Back

[TV HITS - March 2000]

They came, they conquered and left four days later! Such is the price of 5ive's success…they just "Keep on Movin'"! But are they coping with life on the road?

Where's 5ive at right now?
You can never say where 5IVE are at. There's different things going on in our private things going on in our private lives and stuff that affects us.

Have you got your private lives in order?
Yeah, we're getting there. We get a few hours in the day to ring mum!
J: We have a bit more time than before because when we first started it was ridiculous! Now we have time to see friends and family. Travelling is superb but when you're crossing over time zones it gets a bit crazy. Sometimes you don't know what country you're in!

Have you learned to say no?
That's our problem - we've always known how to say no! That's why some people sort of didn't like us at first. We said no to things new artists were afraid to say no to.

Are you scared boy bands could soon be old news?
I think boy bands will be around for a while, but not for too long. 5IVE could be the last boy band. It will just die off, slowly - but it'll come around again one day.
J: We'll adapt to new things but we won't go away from the pop music. We can change. We'll be around for a while! [We hope so!]

If you broke up tomorrow, what would you miss the most?
Everything! I would be sitting at home, staring at the walls. I wouldn't know what to do!
J: I would break down and cry. I would be devastated!
Abs: The memories are the most important, all the stuff we've done…to miss future memories would be horrible. Imagine waking up one day and it's J delivering the milk! [We'd love a milkman like that!]

Has the travelling worn you down?
Sometimes it's hard to eat at the right times but that's it, really.
Scott: The tiredness is pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, we are really enjoying ourselves and having a great laugh, but the first year was so hard that we're still recovering!

In what way are you still trying to recover?
It's like, J never sleeps - even now! He only got one hour's sleep last night. I only got two hours. There is always so much going on.
Abs: At the moment we're totally screwed up, we're not sleeping and we've been working too hard. We're burnt out!

What's the most important quality you have as a band?
I think we're honest. If someone asks us a question we will answer it. People take a disliking to us because they don't really want to hear the truth, they want to hear what they expect to hear. Like they say to you, "Do you like such and such", and if you say, "no, not really", they'll turn around and try and make you look bad for saying it. In the end we speak our mind.

Do you have any pet hates?
I hate photo shoots!
J: Photo shoots s*%#! You just stand there and do silly poses. It's the same old crap all the time. Sometimes they're really quick, but some take ages and you're stuck in tough positions… I'm annoyed at newspapers who write stuff about you when they don't know you.
Abs: There's hardly time for anything. Finding somewhere to live it tough. When you finally do find a place, you're in another country and you need to talk to your solicitor! Then, when you have a free day you must go out and find all the furniture - it's hard. But there's lots of good stuff about being in a band, too.

It beats working in a factory…
Oh yeah, absolutely. That's why I don't understand artists who complain. You don't have a right to complain in the job. At the end of the day you're one of the most privileged people in the world.

Are you impressed by celebs you meet in your travels?
No! I've never ever been impressed or dropped my jaw, not even before 5IVE. I'm more impressed at all the kids screaming at us when we go out on stage. I still can't believe it - it amazes me every time!

There's a lot of hip hop in your shows…
We never see it as hip hop, more like rap, just rhyming. It's just fun, pop rap. It's working - everybody's buying our records!
J: We won't ever try to say it's anything but pop music, though!

Do you like performing your ballads on stage?
We're not really a ballad band. Everybody does ballads and, apart from seeing the reaction from the crowd, it's interesting for us to perform. I prefer to be busy. If you do a ballad, you're just sitting on a stool on stage. (Sighs) it's boring!

You once said you would never do one, then you did "Until The Time Is Through"…
Yeah. Things go wrong and you have to deviate a little! (Laughs) We decide to bring one out every now and again.

When you're off the road, what do you consider precious time?
Obviously, it's being with your family at home or just being alone. But me, J and Rob - our tour manager - hit the clubs when you're off the road! Clubs are so much better in Europe. We hang out until early in the morning and that's a really fun time! The memories make the next day easier!
Sean: I like to go and see my family and my old friends. I like going to my family and chilling out.

Do you like any other pop bands?
It's not so much that I like other pop bands. I don't really listen to that much pop music but I do respect bands like Backstreet Boys because they are actually really good at what they do and they can sing well.