Backstreet Sad About Five's Split

October 31, 2001

The Backstreet Boys were sad to hear about the split of Five -- especially since the British boys once came to their American rivals for advice. Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough says the "Let's Dance" chart toppers came to them early on in the British group's career, because they felt the American heart-throbs were on the right track.

Howie says, "I thought out of all the groups coming out of the U.K., they were the edgiest.

"One time they wanted our advice about the business. They felt that we were one of the first, and that we did it right. It was a compliment."

The boys are also complimented by the fact they have a tribute band in every port.

Howie explains, "There's always a BSB tribute band wherever we go! It doesn't matter if we're in Asia, Canada, Spain -- they must buy every magazine and see all our interviews 'cause they're always complete replicas of us."