Five Around The World

Mad dogs, ham and cheese on everything and pining for rich tea fingers - it's five's travel tales...

Of all the places you've visited, which ones would you like to go back to?
Ritchie: Australia is cool - the people are really chatty, the sun's always shining and the beer's always flowing!
Sean: [nodding] I'd like to go back there on holiday.
Scott: Mexico, Australia, LA and Chile. We went to Chile a while ago, it's got gorgeous mountains. I'd definitely like to go back and look at the mountains they're beautiful.
J: South America would be nice, Sweden definitely, Australia... I wouldn't go there to live, but I'd like to spend more time there.
Abs: I prefer to go somewhere I haven't been.

Where couldn't you be dragged?
Abs: Around to H's house! I really couldn't. No reason in particular.
Scott: I'm a fussy eater, so Germany was hard. There's only so much ham and cheese you can eat!
Ritchie: I didn't like the food in Germany too much.
J: The last time we went, it was all right.
Sean: But I had an embarrassing time there when I slipped off the stage.

Do you ever get to do any sightseeing?
J: We went to Brazil, to that statue on the hill, in Rio de Janeiro.
Sean: Not many places really for a long time, but we saw a lot of go-karts.
Abs: No, but I don't really like sightseeing. Usually, we only get to see hotels.
Ritchie: I've seen the statue in Rio de Janeiro, the Statue of Liberty, Universal Studios, Disney World and everything in Paris. I'd love to go to The Great Wall Of China and Antartica - just to say I'd been!
Scott: I went to the Sydney Opera House. I'd love to go to the CNN tower in Canada. You stand on a big glass panel. Basically it looks like you're gonna fall.

Did any of the places match up to your expectations?
Abs: The Hollywood sign didn't. We were just like, "Is that it?" It really ain't anything spesh.
Ritchie: LA was a bit over-hyped, but I do like it.
Abs: The statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. It was massive and it's right on the top, top, top of this mountain and you look down and there's the quay with boats and yachts and eagles. That was mad!
J: The remains of the war I saw in Germany were fascinating.
Sean: I loved Buenos Aires 'cos it's so different. It's absolutely manic - the people over there are mad.

Where are the strangest people?
Ritchie: In South America they're mental. They climb buildings and pile in taxis just to get near you.
Scott: Definitely. You'll have 9 of them hanging out of a cab, or on the roof at 60mph. We get really worried.
J: East Germany. They're a bit.... German.
Abs: We were driving through Argentina in this bus and we turned right around a corner and there was this dog sitting in the middle of the road. His legs were wide open and he was...[censored]

What's the strangest food you've eaten?
Abs: German. Everything's ham and cheese. Ham and cheese on this, ham and cheese on that, ham and cheese on that bit of bread. How boring!
J: Anywhere Scandinavian, it's all weird fishy things. I don't like that at all. That's why I stay in the hotel and eat international cuisine.
Ritchie: In Japan they serve you strange things and get offended if you don't try them. You have to try everything, but I'd put my foot down at monkey's brains. I don't care who I offend!
Scott: That's not worse than the food you'd get round Abs' house!

What do you miss about home when you're away?
J: My friends and my family.
Abs: Everything. Just seeing Heathrow Airport is nice when you've been away for so long. You own sofa, your own TV, your own kitchen, your own fridge with your own food in it that you like. Your own friends, having reception on your phone so you can call your friends. I miss everything.
Ritchie: I miss England in general. When I'm in London I miss my mates from school who live in Birmingham. I wish they could all come and live with me!
Sean: I do miss all the home comforts.
Scott: I miss proper tea. I love a cup of Tetley with Rich Tea Fingers!