Transcript from interview with YTV's Hit List

EXAN (YTV INTERVIEWER): Welcome to Fan Club (part of show), it's time to get down and get funky with the five bad boys of 5ive!

5IVE: Hello!
EXAN: So how would you describe your flavour?
J: The thing is, with 5ive, we don't deny that we're doing pop music. But you get all those bands with guys and they come out like, they're doing pop music, even really watered down stuff and yet they turn it around and say, 'Oh, it's got a hip hop flavour to it, it's got a R&B flavour to it,' and they're just making themselves look stupid because they're just doing pop music but don't want to admit it. We admit to doing pop music, we have a good time doing it, we entertain people, that's all there is, really.
ABS: That's it.

EXAN: Well, you're definitely the most street sounding boy group out there, on the scene, so -
SCOTT: Yeah, yeah?

EXAN: Why do you have that edge to your vibe?
RICH: It's just the way we are.
SCOTT: We don't put on any falseness, we don't have to act like different people just because we're in a pop band, -
RICH: When ... (interrupting) when the band first started, we didn't all sit down and say, 'Right, Scott, you're gonna have spiky hair, and you know, two earrings and everything, and we didn't say, you know, we wanna gonna come out with this sort of sound, it's just this is what's happened.
J: It wasn't like, we're gonna put this into our music so it gives it this sort of sound. We go into the studio and we write and it just comes out how it comes out how it comes out, basically. We're not into these slow ballads where all the girls are crying and holding up lighters, what's the point if you're there to entertain.

EXAN: OK, now who's the hip hop fan and who's the pop fan and R&B fan ...
J: I'm the hip hop fan. (Jumps forward)
Scott: Pop up! ... You don't stop!
J: It goes, (points to Scott) cheesy 80s pop, (Sean) soul R&B, (himself) hip hop, (Abs) drum and bass jungle, and (Rich) sort of what we say - (THEY HEADBANG AND PRETEND TO BE ROCKERS WITH GUITARS)
J: - Nirvana type, Bush type ...
RICH: Nirvana type, Bush type person.
SCOTT: Aren't you the rocker.
RICH: (WITH PRETEND GUITAR AGAIN) It just comes out of me now and again.
ABS: (Points somewhere into the distance) Should we go to Canada?

EXAN: Yes! Come to Canada! Come to Canada!

EXAN: Amazing!