Unnecessary Reforming


Five come back a four, without Sean Conlon.

After Take That's comeback and immensely succesful British tour last year it was obvious that there will be followers. Thus there is nothing surprising about the recent announcement of Five's reunion. The surprising part is that they have waited so long. Sean Conlon did not join his former bandmates, so the group - despite their name - has to continue as four.

"Five as a number has a lot of meaning in our lives. Eg the boys decided to split 5 years ago, in 2001. We don't deny that it was mainly Take That's success that spurred us to step in front of the audience again. We are only going to tour at first, but it is conceivable that later we will make a new album too" - said the manager of the group. For me it is baffling why they have to make a comeback, it's obvious that they won't even be able to get close to their former success.

Their fanbase, the back-then teens have grown up and most of them will ignore their former upteenth favourite. Five should not be compared to Take That - the latter were the leading group of an era, in their career they enjoyed a hysteric adoration, the majority of teenage girls were obsessed with them, hence the success of the tour was easily predictable.

Five, in their own genre, made excellent music, but I don't think that the boys should be jumpng around on the stage again after a 5-year long break. Above all, the possible failure may end up ruining the old success. Music's history books will not mention them as a group splitting up at the peak of their success, but as one whose comeback falied.

Five's hits in the British top 10

Title/Date/(top position)
1. Slam dunk (da funk), December 1997, (10)
2. When the lights go out, March 1998, (4)
3. Got the feelin', July 1998, (3)
4. Everybody get up, September 1998, (2)
5. Until the time is through, November 1998, (2)
6. If ya gettin down, July 1999, (2)
7. Keep on movin', November 1999, (1)
8. Don't wanna let you go, March 2000, (9)
9. We will rock you (feat. Queen), July 2000, (1)
10. Let's dance, August 2001, (1)
11. Closer to me, October 2001, (4)