Q and A
[Hit Magazine - Hearld Sun, August 10, 2000]

Cameron Adams talks to Five's J about Westlife, winning over the boys and dating Mel C.

Does anyone call you Jason?
No. It's always been just 'J' for as long as I can remember. My mum calls me J. My dad might have called me Jason when he was mad.

Your new single is a cover of Queen's We Will Rock You. Why that song?
Because it's a great song. We'd had Everybody Get Up on the first album, which had the Joan Jett (I Love Rock 'n' Roll) sample, which had that rock edge which really worked and we liked and everyone liked. When we approached Brian May of Queen, who wrote it, he wanted to play on it, and Roger Taylor drums on the single version. So it's more like a collaboration than just a cover.

You embarked on your first concert tour this year. Do you feel like a real band now?
Well, I know because of how we started we're seen as ultra-manufactured, but the manufactured point stopped at the audition really. We've never had a fashion consultant telling us what to wear or our management telling us what to say, and from day one that's caused stress for other people. We've always felt like a real band in that way. We're not always friendly on stage or on camera, but we are great friends.

You used to seem a bit hesitant about being in a boy band.
Yeah, at first it wasn't a secret. I let everyone know that. It was because of what I was doing before, which was hip-hop. I guess I felt it was a bit uncool to go out on stage and dance. But now I'm loving every minute of it. I'm not embarrassed by any part of it.

Do you feel like an antidote to the regular cheesy boy band?
Well, on tour we see guys in the audience everywhere when we look out. They give us the thumbs up and sing along. That's nice, because with the "boy band" thing it's taboo for guys to like them. I might go into a pub for a drink and, say if I were someone from Boyzone or Take That, the guys in the pub would give me grief, but guys come up to me and say, "We're not major fans, but what you do is all right". For me, to hear a 20-year-old guy say what you do is all right is a major breakthrough really.

What about Five's reputation for being difficult?
In this industry, if someone calls you difficult it usually means you've got a mind of your own or your own opinions. People aren't used to a boy band saying, "I don't think that's the best decision", but all the shots we've called have been right. We're probably five of the most down-to-earth people in this business.

You don't seem friendly with many other pop bands.
A lot of artists in this industry are away with the fairies. It's all about what they look like and where they're seen. I get on with anybody, but if someone's pretentious I can't get on with them. There's not point pretending.

What about your feud with Westlife, when you apparently called them wimpy?
We don't know how that started. They don't even figure in our lives. We don't like them, we don't dislike them, they're just sort of there really. I don't know any of them personally so I don't hate them or anything. The British press were doing polls of who'd win in a fight between us. It got a bit silly.

Didn't you threaten to punch Lee from Steps?
There's a little bit of truth in there. They just irritate me. We did the Pepsi Chart show in London with them last year. There's this backstage restaurant where we know one of the security guys, but they didn't know we knew him. The boys in Steps [Lee and H] came over to say hello and we were polite. Then they walked off and said, "What a load of wankers", which our security friend overheard. I can't deal with two-faced people like that, so I really don't like the two guys in the band.

How did you meet your girlfriend Melanie C?
At the Brit Awards this year. I'd never spoken to her before. I was playing pool and she walked past and said, "I want a word with you later about what you said about me". She was obviously just trying to make conversation.

Because you'd apparently once called her ugly?
Well, that was made up by the British press. I'd been asked last year about the Spice Girls' solo projects and I said they should stick to being in the band. The ugly thing I never said. But she's very down to earth. We got speaking, she was like a normal girl, we got on automatically.

There was another report, just before you started dating, that you hadn't had sex for a year.
I think someone blew that out of proportion. One story said, "Melanie C breaks J's year-long drought". That was a laugh.

So is it lonely?
It is a little bit. My friends always say, "Who've you been with this week? I bet you hang out with models". It just doesn't happen, you're always too busy. And because I don't do the celebrity industry thing I don't go to the places where you'd meet people like that. We're always travelling around. Unless you could get a little person you could keep in your case, it can't really happen at the moment. I'm sure I'll catch up at a later stage.

Girls must throw themselves at you?
It sounds cliched, but I'm not a one-night-stand person. I've done it twice in my life. I always go for people, even if I've just met them, if I think there's something that might last between us. I'm pretty old-fashioned, I know. There's a lot of pent-up energy there that goes into the performance. That's why I'm always like a frigging nutcase on stage