Five's First Official Press Release

27 September 2006

Band reform after FIVE years apart and announce amazing writing collaborations and future plans One of the decades most successful pop bands FIVE today announced that they were reforming after a break of Five years.

At a press conference held today at the Bar Academy Islington in London, the four former members announced they would reform and record a new album. The band line-up now mirrors that of when they split five years ago.

Ritchie, Abz, J and Scott split exactly five years ago today, live on MTV Select. They were at the top of the charts, and riding high in America and around the world at the time, but work pressures drove them to a break. Today they announce that they are reforming and working with some of the top writers in the business. Guy Chambers of Robbie Williams fame and Anders Bagge, whose recent collaborations include Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Madonna's latest 'Confessions' album. They have also written a track with hip French underground DJ's, Trak Invaders.

The band also used unique texting service to announce the news to their fans as they broke it to the media. Over 50,000 fans of the band, who had all been sending the boys flirting messages causing them to rise to the top of the charts, received a text with the announcement of the reformation of the band at 11.30am today.

Five were formed in 1997 and went on to sell a staggering 20 million records worldwide. An amazing achievement and one that very few pop acts have surpassed. From 1997 to 2001, the band had 11 UK Top Ten singles and 4 Top Ten albums, including 3 number one singles and a number one album. In total they sold 7 million albums in the UK alone. Internationally, this success was repeated. They even managed to crack the elusive US market with 2 million album sales in the States.

Their success in the recording field was equally matched with their live performances. On their sold-out 2000 Invincible tour, they played live to 2 million people. In 2001, they played to just under half a million people at a sold-out show in Brazil. The band also announced today that they plan to tour next year, once the new record is released.