5 Questions For the 5 In 5ive

[Frikvarter Feburary 2000]

Scott: If you could be one of the others from Five for one day, who would you be?
I would like to be all of them! If I was Sean, I would have an incredible easy day. I could be completely relaxed, while I was doing an interview and say exactly nothing! I could just look up once in a while and say: "Yeah". Then when we were doing a photo shoot, I would just stand there with the exact same look on my face as always and say: "Yeah". Sean is very laid-back and thinks completely different than me. It could be exciting to know what's going on in his head! J is obviously a very nice guy, and I'd like to know what gets him started. It could be quite funny to be Rich for a day, because I could change my look and image completely... I could start wearing nice boy's clothes and be very sensitive and polite. I would love to be Abs, because he is crazy enough! If I was him for a day, I could run around and make everyone who looks just a little serious stumble. I could annoy people with my bad jokes and have a great laugh of it myself! Abs can often drive himself completely off the track and sometimes he's just like a door which lock has jammed. It's a riddle, how Abs' head's working - and if it even does!

Rich: What is the craziest you have experienced with the press and your fans?
There was a rumour in the British press about me being deeply possessed by makeup. I have no idea, from where they've got it, but I'm not the type, who thinks much about those kind of things. I think it has something to do with my very blue eyes. Many people think I'm using some kind of eye-makeup to make them look more blue, but I'm just born with those eyes. That rumour is, in my opinion, very stupid, and it annoys me, because I don't see myself as a girl in the band. The craziest experience with our fans was at a concert in Argentina. As always the fans threw a lot of chocolate and teddy bears up on the stage, and between all of the teddies there was a little box, which we, of course, opened, and there was a poor little hamster lying in it. It was shaking and was terrified. We ended up giving to a fan, who we were sure would take good care of it. Normally these crazy things aren't happening at concerts, although we are doing what we can to fill the audience with energy. When people have been to a 5ive-concert, we don't want them to go home thinking: "Oh, they were playing some beautiful ballads", because so many boybands are doing that. After a 5ive-concert we want the audience to leave with a feeling like: "WOW, it was so cool". We want them to feel full of energy.

J: What is your worst habit?
The others say that I have a sick relationship to aftershaves. They say it because I have a shelf in my bathroom, with no more space on it, because of aftershaves. You could say I'm a collector, cause I have probably got every single aftershave on the market! Before I joined the band, I was also doing a lot of workout. I looked at a picture taken about a year ago and, honestly, I thought it was too much muscles. It was quite a bad habit, which I have fortunately noticed. I don't want to be as big as back then, especially not in this business. So I'm a bit easy on the workout and I have a more suitable size now.

Sean: How do you work?
On the first album we had a lot of experienced people helping us, but on the second album we have done much more ourselves. We've used what we learned during the making of the first album, and then we've learned quite a lot from Danish popmusic - like Aqua. Danish pop is well produced, and it's clear that the Danish producers are aware of what they're doing. My biggest interest is music, and especially producing music. On "Invincible" we have written all of the songs ourselves. Normally we make groups with two or three in each, when we are writing, but a few of the songs are written by all of us.

Abs: What do you expect from your tour?
I'm looking very much forward to our tour, which starts in Europe and ends in South America. It is of course always exciting how many "screw-ups" we make on stage. It does happen that one of us makes a little mistake in a dance routine, but it is quite different who does it. For me it depends on the mood and the concentration on the day. It doesn't take much to make me think about something else, and then you lose the concentration. E.g. I was once standing in the dressing room and everything was going perfectly well. I was quite hungry, so I ate a sandwich, but it just didn't taste as I had expected. And it made me so damn annoyed! When I was standing on the stage I just couldn't forget that stupid sandwich. The sickening taste, was driving me nuts, and then I made a "screw-up".