5ive In A Bed

Which member of Five sleeps naked? Who had a rude dream last night? What does Scott get up to in the wee hours? Join us on a midnight raid of pop's most Rock'N'Roll house to uncover the truth...

Who does 'strange things' in the their sleep?
Scott sleepwalks. He's weird man. He comes to your door about four in the morning and goes, 'Eeeorrr!' and then goes back to bed.
Scott: The other month I ended up in J and Rich's room shouting, 'The list! We can't forget the list!'
J: Rich babbles on for hours!
Sean: He snores like a pig too.
Rich: Oi!

Do you play tricks on each other during the night?
I fell asleep on the sofa once and woke up to find a whole bottle of conditioner tipped on my head. I went upstairs to run a bath and while my back was turned they'd chucked all the rubbish from our bin in the water.
J: I really freaked Sean out one night. I crept into his room wearing my boxers, a horrible leather waistcoat and an old World War II gas mask. He shot bolt upright in his bed and screamed like a girl.

Are you scared of the dark?
I used to believe in the Bogeyman and when I was six I saw him! One night I heard this noise outside my bedroom. I went to investigate and saw this black shadow with a big cloak! It was trying to grab me!
J: I'm a light sleeper so it has to be pitch black when I go to bed.

Would you ever wear an eye mask?
No way!
Rich: I would! My mum gave me one a couple of years ago. I was having real trouble sleeping 'cause of this bright street lamp outside our house.
Abs: They look stupid! It's noisy enough in our house to wear earplugs, but I don't like them. Too waxy.
Scott: I used to wear one when I was younger 'cause I thought it was really cool. My mum made me a special ThunderCats one.

Where's the weirdest place you've ever had to sleep?
Behind a phone box. It's a long story.
Scott: I sleep everywhere. The other day I curled up on the floor of the studio in a pile of bags. It was so comfy.
Sean: I've slept in fields before. Me mum would get really annoyed when I came back covered in grass stains.
Rich: Eurgh! Didn't you worry about wood lice and spiders crawling up your nose?
Sean: Nah, I used to eat woodlice. I'd pop 'em in my mouth and tell me mum I was keeping them warm.

Have you ever had the lights knocked out of you?
Yeah, I fell off a swing and was out for a whole minute.
Rich: I had a right go at this guy for smoking on a bus. He followed me home, punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious. When I came round my mates just said, 'Blimey, Richard can take a beating!'
Sean: Me and my mates were 'garden hopping', you know when you run through people's gardens jumping over fences. There was seven of us in a line and this huge kid didn't want to go last so he picked me up and chucked me over. I was blacked-out for ages.

How many rude dreams do you have a week?
If I've been around lots of ladies then I'll probably have dirty dreams every night.
Rich: I never remember my dreams, I've been so tired lately.
Scott: I had one last night about this girl I'd never met. She was drawing a pattern on my belly and it led on from there!
J: Hey, I had one about Esther Rantzen. We snogged too. Ugh!

Talking of snogging, where's you favorite place to smooch with a young lady?
A Jacuzzi! (Saucy!)
Scott: On the sofa at home. I'll fix her a drink and say, 'Kick your shoes off'. She'd say, 'No! My feet smell!' or 'It's too cold'. Girls always whinge at me.
Sean: I'm not fussy so long as it's vaguely private. I don't like snogging in the middle of the street.
Abs: Parking up by the beach is nice. If you're in a convertible you can lie back and watch the stars.

And finally, do you turn the lights out before a smooch?
No, but I close my eyes so it's more passionate and gentle.
Rich: Yeah it's a bit weird staring into someone's eyes while you snog.
Scott: I'm the same but sometimes I have a quick peek to check that they've got their eyes closed too. If they haven't I get moody.
Sean: Well, do you know what? Lights on or lights off, I'll do anything, me!
All: Wa-hey!

So tell us, what do Five wear in bed?
Abs & Scott:
Boxer shorts.
Rich: Me too. I love snuggling up under my quilt.
J: I go nude! Except when me and Rich shared a room - it wouldn't be nice for him to see me lying there naked.
Sean: I'd never go naked - it's too odd. I even wore Rich's tartan pyjama bottoms last night, I was that desperate!