5 For Five
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Abs, J, Ritchie, Scott and Sean want you to know what's up with Five! The guys in Five are totaly busy promoting their new album Invincible, but you can trust Tiger Beat to zone in on all the hot topics! We got each guy to give one scoop, and now we're passing you the full dish. They cover it all - from business to romance and back again. If you've always wondered what it's like for the British boys to work and play together, now's your chance to find out! After you're through reading, why not have a little fun with your friends? Try quizzing each other on which Five guy say what. Read up and we know you'll ace the Five final!

Tell us some stuff we don't know about the new album.

The album - first of all, the title Invincible - one of the songs is called "Invincible". It's a ballad about this guy who's been dumped by his girlfriend, and now he's invincible, because he's been through so much heartache and pain. But the reason we chose it for the album is just because it's got strong words, very memorable - it's not an arrogant thing. We don't think we're invincible. There are a couple of songs in there that all five of us wrote together. That's not to say we wrote the whole album ourselves, music and everything - obviously we've been in with producers - but we haven't just gone in and they played us a song, and we'd go and sing it. this is our album.

What would you like to do on a first date?

I usually like to keep it really relaxed. Some people go to clubs on a first date. I've never understood the mentality, because to me, the first date is trying to figure out if I want to spend more time with a person. So to go to a club, when you're screaming down each other's ears because of you can't each other seems silly. I like to just go for a drink in a quiet bar first. Then if you want, you can go for some food in a nice restaurant where there are a few people, but where it's still pretty quiet. And then go somewhere after that - I prefer it being more personal - I don't like going out where there are loads of people and you have to scream at each other.

Do you pay attention to the music of Backstreet Boys or other bands?

Not really. I mean, obviously because I'm doing what I'm doing, you can't help but see bands like that around, but I think to be honest, I think the groups are very good at what they do - I think BSB are very good. I think BSB are big because they worked hard to get there. They have the right record company behind them. They're good at what they do. And what we're doing - it would be silly to say oh, it's all about the music - the music is a strong element of what we do, but it's the look too. It's a bit of an image thing - there's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way it is.

What do you always pack in your suitcase to take on tour?

I try to take my girlfriend but she never fits! And I always make sure I have a picture of me and her. And I've always got my bracelet with me, clean boxer shorts, clean socks - not often clean trousers - because I found that if you get a pair of jeans you can wear them for a week before anyone notices. I've had these on for about a week and a half. My boxer shorts are clean! And I shower!

What's the best present you ever received from a fan?

This is a trick one, because I like receiving CD players and all that, but I also love receiving litlle notes - I got a litlle note that said, "I haven't got any money to buy you anything, but here's a picture, and take me around the world with you, because I won't get to see the world." To get things like that - that first initial thought is, that's really nice. Just to know people care, even if it's a birthday card, anything. A bit of scrap paper. It's nice to recieve something.