1, 2, 3, 4.. 5ive on the way back to the top again!

[interview from Frikvarter]

We have already been dancing ourselves sweaty to 5ive's first lively single "Keep On Movin'", and now the album "Invincible" is in the shops. Frikvarter met 5ive in London, for a talk about music, girlfriends and plans for the future. Read here, what they said!

There is a fight about being the girls favourite and the one the DJ prefers.
The fight between the many boy-bands is big, but the five lads from 5ive believe themselves, that they are something very special.

"If we were working, like other boy-bands do, we wouldn't exist today. In 5ive we are the ones in charge. We choose the clothes, the hairstyle, the behaviour and the music - because of that we are more than a simple boy-band," says Rich with the electric blue eyes, before Sean takes over: "Because we are a boy-band, people expect, that we are acting like other boy-bands, but we're only doing what we want to do ourselves. If the five of us had to walk around in the same clothes, and look like each other, I would, honestly, bore myself to death!"

Then it should be settled once and for all, that 5ive doesn't intend to drown in the countless number of meaningless boy-bands. 5ive wants to be different!

5 out of 3000 ended up as 5ive
It was exactly a boy-band, that was different, the father and son team Bob and Chris Herbert had in mind, when they arranged a countrywide audition in England in the beginning of 1997. Bob and Chris are the men behind none other than the Spice Girls, and Abs, J, Rich, Scott and Sean were carefully chosen to make out the new dream of a boy-band. To learn to know each-other a little better 5ive moved together in a house in Camberley and started to work with the interest, they had in common: The music. Shortly after the lads had got their things into the house, they signed a record-deal which included six album-releases, and they started to work with their first single: Slam Dunk (Da Funk). To the single there was a video, that Scott today isn't very fond of:

"If there is something, I regret in 5ive, then it's my clothes in the Slam Dunk (Da Funk)-video. I was wearing a hideous, loose-fitting, knitted blouse and some horrible boots - I simply looked like a cat, that had just been castrated!" Scott laughs. But in spite of knitted blouses and castrated cats 5ive was a success. The funk-inspired first single conquered England with a spot in the top10. The second single When The Lights Go Out, settled down at number four on the chart, while the third single, Got The Feelin' took a step up the chart to number three. Now, two years later, the popular lads are continuing the fight about hitting number one with the new single Keep On Movin', and they are still claiming, that they are doing things their own way.

Love and the Colgate-smile
If 5ive are really doing things their way is up to each person to decide. But in one way, the group have done something different, by breaking the unwritten rule, about not having girlfriends.

"It's naive to think that lads in the pop-business don't have girlfriends. Most of them are lying, when they are claiming, that they're single. When we revealed, that we had girlfriends, it was a very sensitive subject, because that no other boy-bands had done it before. But the record-company had to learn to live with it," Rich tells with a proud smile on his lips.

The 16-year-old Billie Piper ("Because We Want To") is the lucky winner of Rich's heart, while Abs for a long time had been together with the English actor Danielle Brent. J and Maria from the Danish band Juice broke up not long ago - according to J himself, although Maria is denying having ever been with him, while Scott as the only one, has chosen a girl, who isn't famous. But apparently it isn't causing any problems having a normal girl as your girlfriend, when you are a popular popstar yourself.

"Of course it's difficult for my girlfriend, but she knows how much I'm enjoying this. A person from the same business would of course understand me better, but you don't choose yourself, who you are falling in love with. For me personally, being honest is more important in a relationship, than you are able to relate to each other's job. And it is after all only two-five years, before I'll be moving on to do something else - hopefully something where I can get my eight hours of sleep," Scott laughs.

Exactly sleep is something the lads haven't had much of recently, and when Frikvarter talked to them in London, Invincible was still getting the last things done in the studio, and the band is extremely stressed:

"I only slept for 2½ hour last night. We have been recording the video to the second single, had interviews and been in the studio recording this week," Scott yawns with an exaggerating movement. "But the worst thing is the photo-shoots. I have only got one expression, so it's the same smile on all of the pictures," he continues and shows a huge Colgate-smile.

The popular pop-lads have been working non-stop to finish their new album. The last song had to be finished, and they still haven't recorded all of the songs. Although it has been two years since the first single, the music is still pretty much the same, as the music on the first album.

"We are two years older and more mature, but basically the music is still the same: It is happy and catchy pop-music with some experimenting rock, soul and funk-sounds," the blue-eyed Rich explains. "We're not that more mature," Abs supplies. "The problem is that you can never say very much about a new album. If you are praising it, the press will immediately find something negative. One wrong word and you will be exposed because of that," Sean says. "I'm not afraid, that the new album won't be a success, because the fans will always be there," Abs says.

Cut-out dolls or serious musicians?
It has happened more the once, that the press has made a rumour about 5ive: "I once said in an interview, that I thought Nick Carter was looking better, when he was younger. Suddenly it said on the cover of the magazine, that I had called him ugly, which I had never done…" Scott explains and Rich interrupts: "It is more typically rumours about girls. There were rumours about me and Lisa from Steps once. But maybe it did have a reason," Rich laughs to himself.

Image and looks are normally the keywords to many boy-band's success.
"Image doesn't mean that much to us. Of course we want to look good, but it isn't the most important thing. When the music is being played, it is the music and not our clothes, people are focusing on," Rich thinks.

For 5ive the best thing is to be on stage and perform.
"The chance to dance and sing in front of an audience is worth everything. You basically feel so good, and although it's a thin cliché, you want to say thank you forever," Sean says and for a moment looks very sentimental. "Yes. Without fans, no 5ive," Abs explains.

Barbecue, Bruce Willis and an extra load of beer
When the guys from 5ive are coming home, and meets the friends again, it is not boring to be around. "The last time I came home, I was so excited, I invited everyone around for a barbecue in my garden. I bought the food, and then my friends took care of the beer. It was a huge party! We had to get another load of beer," Scott explains excited.

When it comes to the future, the band has big plans, and the growing interest "over there" is in the centre.
"We are hoping and aiming to break through in the US, with the new album. Although the single isn't at number one, we can easy be a first-class band," says Sean, who is hoping to get a work in a studio sometime in the future and maybe write songs for other artists. Rich explains: "We will hopefully get even more creative and maybe take over the chart in the US. After 5ive I would like to make my own music. There is talk about a movie, but I can't say anything more precise yet," Rich says secretly.

Maybe Scott has only got one smile, but his plans for the future consists of more than one thing: "My time in 5ive has been giving me many chances for things to do in the future. I would like to have a solo-career and maybe one day become a producer. I'd also like to do some acting… and be in TV-series… and a movie. So if you see a dark-haired guy run next to Bruce Willis, while everything is exploding in an inferno of fire behind them, it is probably me out hunting "The Bad Guys", and the big screen," Scott smiles.